Vote for Mirotic at carta era!

Posted: July 26, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Actually Mirotic had been on top of chart 9 di 9 for about a week maybe? I dont actually know because i had a test to study. I just finished my test (yaay!) so another update about Mirotic at carta era thing.

The good news is, yeah they did manage to get onto the chart (Yaay!) with…some other Kpop idol (yyay???)

Bad news is, my friend told me that although they got no.1 at carta 9 di 9 BUT they didn’t play it (WTH?).

Although I dont have any proof that SM had anything to do with this, but still It’s REALLY weird right? so i made a conclusion that SM had made a some sort of conspiracy to prevent TVXQ to become more popular than they already are XD. just kiddin’

BUT CHEER UP! We still gonna vote and vote and vote and vote so era just HAS to play Mirotic! era NEED to know how powerful we are! *evil laugh*

How to vote? easy! Just go click here

and just scroll until you find Mirotic – Dong Fang Shen Qi


then press the like button.

BUT JUST IN CASE MY THEORY IS RIGHT about era-didn’t-want-to-play-mirotic-because-of-sm, (although the theory is stupid) but how bout requesting Break Out by TOHOSHINKI instead? CLICK HERE to request


  1. tonight, finally our boys song, Mirotic can be hear on
    I’m very proud that Mirotic conquer the carta tonight and few days ago..

    xoxo Always keep the faith, cassies

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