Will KAT-TUN be the same without Jin?

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Jpop stuff
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My friend called me at 1 AM and she told me about Jin official leaving KAT-TUN. But suprisingly this news doesnt effect her at all (she’s kat-tun’s HUGE fan). She said that it’s Jin’s decision and the other members seems understand him and respect his decision. So if the members is calm and happy the fan should do the same.

In the past,Jin had left the group in 2006 (and they just had their debut)to study english at America but that was just for temporary. Now, he’s leaving for good to go solo. So now KAT-TUN is officially KaT-TUN as in A in KAT-TUN that represent Akanishi is being replace by KAmenashi.

Somehow, i’m kinda angry with Jin. It’s been 4 YEARS. I hope they will reach 5 years with 6 members at least . Arashi had a song for their anniversary ;10×5, I hope somehow Kat-tun will have 5×6 (if they reach 5th anniversary with 6 members) instead of a song like promise =_____= . And couldnt he (jin) like wait until their tour to be over and then leave? okay maybe AT LEAST after their concert at Tokyo Dome. Again, I’m not againts Jin and i’m still gonna cheer for him and kat-tun

Anyway, here is the news about Jin’s leaving.


Kame looked happy to me. So Akame is just a fangirl dream? *super heavy sigh* oh well at least i still have ohmiya ;D and my OT5; TVXQ

Oh yeah, i’m gonna miss Bakanishi Jin in Kat-tun.



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