I love my senpai

Posted: July 13, 2010 in In my head
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My school is involved in exchange program to Japan, but i cant join they only allowed form 4 and form 5 students only. On the bright side, now i have a Japanese student in my school!

He’s 17 and he kinda look like Ryutaro in a more mature look with a shorter hair XD and guess what? his name is Yamashita Naoki! (Yamapi’s family name + his character name in buzzer beat ;P) . He had a really fair skin (which made me worry that it may get darker LOL) and he’s really cute ;D.

He will be studying in my school for about 3 weeks and it’s been a week already.Today is his 11th day and I really want to talk to him, there’s so much i want to ask him! >.<

And Today, finally i get to talk to him! I was lucky i met him at the counselor's room and at that time there's only two of us at the waiting room (i was supposed to meet some teacher for some project but this is a golden oppurtunity!!) and my heart beat so fast and i dont know why XD, I dont know where i got my guts but at that time i just went to him and said “Hi!, you’re the exchange student right? Hajimemashite, (my name) desu” and smile

then he looked at me (at that time i felt like i was looking at some JE boys, also i realized that he’s super duper cute and really looked like ryutaro XD).Then he smiled, and he suddenly stand up which make me panicked (i dunno why i panicked) He smile again and said, “hajimemashite, Naoki. Yamashita Naoki desu. nihongo wo hanasemasu ka?”

At that time i was like “oh no, he started to speak in japanese! why i quit japanese class?? why???” so i just reply, “gome,nihongo wo yoku hanasemasen” then he laughed ,which made me really nervous and thinking did i said something wrong. then he said “demo, your pronunciation is great”. *faint* his english pronounciation is so cute it’s like how tegomassu singing miso soup eng ver XD. Then i said thanks you. Just then, the teacher call him and ask him to enter the counselor room and i remember that i have to meet some teacher.

Although i finally be able to talk to him, but..that wasn’t enough there’s so much i want to ask! i want to ask mainly about tohoshinki then anime. I also wanted to ask him to consider audition for JE XD

Out of topic,

i was watching tohoshinki We Are, and here is some caps from the comment that made me giggle
another TVXQ fanboy maybe? I have to agree the way yoochun say “pocket no romance” with his face expression is just XD

and today is my computer-file-organising-day and look at this
it’s so messy. I dont know how to organize it anymore XD.


Mood ; super duper tired + a little bit hyper + a little bit happy
Currently listen to ; Kat-tun – No more pain


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