Because I’m TVXQ fangirl

Posted: July 1, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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This post is full of fan girl stuff, dont bother to read this.


I miss Changmin.

I miss him so much that even Robert Pattinson remind me of him. okay maybe not, but when i saw Eclipse promotional poster..Edward does remind me of changmin


Changmin bite me XD

Today. I watch TVXQ Summer Dream, and i notice how cute the dance is XD (why havent i notice it earlier??) after that I really want to learn Summer dream steps!

My have-to-learn dance step is getting longer and dont have time to learn the dances XD
I even haven’t complete to learn Bonamana =_________=

So i have to cross 2 diff tears (wonder girls) from the list because i know i dont have time to learn that dance and maybe i should cross Bonamana too…

Now i just want to learn Summer dream! XD


I haven’t watched Sunao Ni Narenakute YET.
My reason is because i want to buy the DVD and watch it in HQ! XD
*start saving*

I’m bored, Exam is killing me.

that’s all
AKTF, TVXQ fighting.

  1. Azamax says:

    hi..just discover ur blog a big fan of changmin..miss him so badly.
    neway u hav an awesome blog^^..keep on updating ne~~

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