Firstly, Thanks to my friends and those who helped me revived from my depressed mode.
I guess i just need more time to think about it ^_^, I’ve been through 3 depressed mode already b’cuz of TVXQ. I promise for my TVXQ oppa, I will be stronger and wont cry easily anymore.
Tommorow is UKiss fanmeet at KLCC convention center! \ ^0^ /

But,…… unfortunately, I can’t go to their fanmeet nor to stalk them =___________=

gosh why now? why wont in November or December??? WHY?? *bang my head on the wall*

Oh FYI, They already HERE IN MALAYSIA!
Their plane safely landed yesterday
And sorry for not telling this earlier but U-kiss on 8tv LIVE (SERIOUSLY LIVE) at 2PM – 5.30PM today…
which mean.. to those who read this and dont know about this, u just miss u-kiss on 8tv LIVE (with capslock)
Eli and Alexander SPOKE IN CHINESE! (I dont know their name but my friend keep shouting Eli!!Xander!!! so i assume it’s them LOL)
and i think they’re still at 1 Utama, Media Prima building for recording.

Stay tuned to 8TV Nite Live for Ukiss
To those who never watch 8TV nite live it’s every Saturday – Monday , 12.45 AM

Airport pic, Credit to
Mykissu Banner
The fans,

Now about Beast,
They’re coming to Malaysia on 26th June which is next week,
Sorry for not telling this earlier.

BEAST is invading KL in June and have you gotten your Shock of the New Era showcase ticket?

6 hunky and talented boys who called themselves BEAST will be in Malaysia from 26th June to 28th June 2010 for “Shock of the New Era” album promotion.
Beast will perform and showcase their talent to Malaysia audience on 26th June with the one and only Shock of the New Era showcase and on 27th June 2010, there will be an autograph signing held at One Utama, FCUK Entrance.

Starting from (8/6/10), pre-order your repackage version of BEAST “SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA” and you will get 1 ticket admission to BEAST “SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA” EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE IN MALAYSIA. The new repackage of Shock of the New Era also includes the album and a Black or White Beast T-Shirt* total worth RM120.00.

Pre-order your copy now in Speedy Video outlets nationwide. The repackage of “Shock of the New Era” will release on 16th June 2010.


*for those who wear BEAST T-Shirt from the repackage album pack, you will be given priority admittance to the Exclusive Showcase which will be held at KL Live.

Cresidr:ineed-munny @ blogspot

Why wont Jpop invade Malaysia? I want Arashi!! i want Nino!! I want Hey!Say!Jump!, I want Chinen,Daiki and Yuto!!

I dont mind TVXQ invade Malaysia XD


  1. shao yan says:

    hi! can i know about the FCUK ENTRANCE for sunday at 1u new wing?

  2. samohty says:

    i dunno much about OU, but what i know is OU new wing is the building that had GSC cinema, so i guess FCUK entrance is somewhere at the ground floor?? lol i think this isn’t helpful at all *runaway*

  3. DIAH says:

    is fcuk entrance is oval??

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