Yunjae 3rd Anniversary

Posted: June 11, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Yesterday was YunJae 3rd Anniversary!
Cassie made #yunjae3rdannie as a trending topic but unfortunately i doesnt have a chance to participate, :(

The history of YunJae!

Yunjae actually started (well kinda) when a fan spotted at Jae’s Phone that he saved Yunho’s number as “My Lovely Yunho <3" while others just My Yoochun <3, My Changmin <3, My Junsu <3 ( yes, with the love sign)

How did the Anniversary got the date (10th of June)

Well because of this:

Jaejoong although you said “starting from now we’re husband and wife” just as a joke. We (TVXQ fan; Mainly Yunjae shipper) took it seriuosly XD

So from that, the Fan made 10th of June as an official YunJae wedding anniversary

And after that they got a son name Changmin (the most good looking man i ever met) XD

“YunJae family having dinner”

Sorry no picture spammig this time. *bow*
I’m not a yunjae shipper i’m more to Yoomin but Yunjae couple just so cute >.<


  1. ginia1110 says:

    hahaha!!! at least u have some affections for Yunjae! That also counts as fangirling!
    Yunjae Hwaiting!!!

  2. samohty says:

    hha i guess Yunjae power are just too strong ;P

  3. Trang says:

    yeah i love yunjae couple hope they come back they are so close to romance..

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