Attention Malaysian Cassiopeia – TVXQ Flashmob 4th July

Posted: June 8, 2010 in All about TVXQ, Fandom is awesome
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firstly,damn i felt bad for not promoting this earlier.

Back to the topic,

Malaysia WILL be joining the Nationwide flahmob on 4th July


“Always keep the faith 2010!”
We, international fans are planning to make the flash mob.
So, we want you to join this project
and show our support and love for tvxq together!
Any countries and ages are fine!
visit here:


If you are interested in this project or want to know anything about it,
please contact us:

When: July 4 (sunday)
Time: 12:26pm (yes, your country’s time)
Where: Depending on your country, a crowded location (a mall or in front of a stadium…etc.)

Why July 4?
Because that’s the day TVXQ performed at Tokyo Dome for the Secret Code tour.

Why 12:26pm?
Because that was when TVXQ first sang together as a group. December 26 (12/26)

For song… We (Malaysian) might be do Balloon + Mirotic instead of Balloon and Summer dream
The Dance and tutorial will be post soon

Visit here to participate

Again sorry for not inform this earlier.
Please show your support :)

OH yeah almost forgot,,

Dong Bang Shin Ki XIAH Junsu,
Congratulations for winning the Best new actor and the popularity award !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I just buy K-On! season 1 today :) *crossing it from wish list* and there’s something i want to add to my wish list, ; Learn 2 Different tears dance! The dance look so fun to learn XD, Maybe i should try to learn the chous first then if i love it, i will learn the whole dance



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