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Posted: June 4, 2010 in In my head
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Do u ever had something to write like an interesting post (or at least you think it’s an interesting post) but suddenly when u press the “add new post button” your head just gone blank.It’s annoying.I had experienced it many times =_______________=

and i’m experiencing it again. *SIGH*

So because my idea just flew away from my head i’m just gonna post about what i did on Yoochun day! \^0^/ <— i'm trying to make this post look exciting XD

This day started when i woke up at 6.30 AM because of my alarm clock.
After that i went to school at 7.10 AM, Had my last paper today and it was math paper. I'm half dead after that XD.

School ended at 12.35 PM,

Tried to BEG my best friend who-isn't-interesred-in-tvxq-or-kpop-and-neither-do-jpop-at-all to celebrate Yoochunday with me. But she's just TOO stubborn and my puppy eyes doesnt work. *sigh*.
So I ended up buying a slice of cake on my way back home and eat it while listening to TVXQ's song alone(LOL this sound so pathetic!)

Dang, I thought this day would be exciting as i celebrated Changminday.

At 5:20 I watched Music Bank and Siwon just too hot XD, SS501 make a comeback and my sister who is Park Jung Min fan fangirling and screaaming in front of the TV. She’s lucky our parents isnt at home =__= and I was like “shut up and who is park jung min anyway” LOL XD . T-Max also did a comeback.Then time just pass by until 7 PM (yeaah tweeting time!)

Because of SuJu won their 3rd Bonamana win (and i just realise Shindong had a BEARD when i watch they perfoming bonamana) and Yesung had his 1st solo perfomances. Bonamana an Yesung had become a treding topic.

Then the trending start, It was hard to make #yoochunday as no.1/ trending topic. REALLY HARD.
but then at 7:25 PM (not really sure bout the time) #yoochunday just popped out and became no.1 LOL

and then it’s stay there…… for a while
I swear that the ranking doesn’t seems to change at all.. which is weird. REALLY weird. But i’m happy that #yoochunday is no.1 ;D

At 7:50 my mom start to nag and force me to take a shower… after that about 10PM something I open twitter and saw OneTVXQ! post this
TVXQ fan are just awesome! Got to love this fandom ;)

Out of topic, Just want to share..
On my birthday my sister and my friends gave me Best Selection 2010 Jacket A because they knew i want one although i already had Best Selection (but it was Jacket B), and it was with poster!
Photobucket the poster just soo shinyyy and the boys are just too hot *________*

and when i open the disk i found something
aww… they’re so sweet right? Love them!

i got a new MP3 player from my mom. Bye bye iPod Shuffle, The Kube is replacing you! XD
The Kube is soo small and cute. I just love cute things! that’s why i prefer Shuffle than Nano (although Nano is stylish and it’s colour is freakingly attractive)
Look!The kube is much more cuter and smaller XD

That’s all for today, it’s 3AM in the morning.I’m so sleepy. I really wish to spam this post with a LOOOOOT of Yoochun’s pic but the internet connection doesn’t allow me to do so =_____= It’s so slowww although it’s 3 IN THE MORNING!, what’s up with that… >_>

AKTF, TVXQ fighting!

  1. xiao says:

    Hi! I feel completely stalkerish by reading this post and then commenting, but I missed the news of #yoochunday trending (I had to leave before that happened >._> Also, the Kube is super cute. Wahh ok I blab too much. Ending here. lol.

  2. samohty says:

    lol you dont need to feel that way ;D,

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