Happy Birthday!

Posted: May 24, 2010 in In my head
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Happy birthday to who? ;P it’s my birthday actually. 25th May. I’m getting older =____=”

and guess what? today my mid-term exam is starting! yaayyyyy!! having a exam on your birthday is sooo cool and fun. =______________=”

NVM, let’s forget about the exam. My sis just gave me a present, she’s oficially became the first one to give me a present. Thank you!

Because i like to collect some weird things, she gave me a camera that uses film! A CAMERA THAT USES FILM! It’s my first time seeing a camera that uses film and it’s mine! I’m excited and i’m not being sarcastic
It’s so light and looks like toy.

I still remember she did asked me what do i want for my birthday i told her i want this
LOL.well dont blame me i was on my jaejoong bias mode.

Now, i feel like i want this as my birthday present.
I swear i wont ask for any present till i die if i get this man


I wanted to post a video that shows i’m dancing TVXQ dance remix but….when i think about it maybe i’ll post it on 4th june ;Yoochun’s birthday instead. So stay tuned!

It’s currently 25th May; 1:45 A.M Malaysian time and my exam will starts on 8 AM =___=
Bye and Good night.

TVXQ fighting!


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