2D1N, 2AM, Hey!Say!7 / Jump and Junsu

Posted: May 13, 2010 in In my head, Jpop stuff, Kpop stuff
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I’m free right now! My mom isnt at home. NO books! yaaaayyyy!!!well at least just for now.. =__= so I just gonna post some random things in my head.

1I hate the fact that Kim C is leaving 2D1N. Why Kim C??? Why?? I love you in 2D1N. I love your spacey character! 2D1N isn’t comeplete without you. IMO, Kim C is the ONLY member that isn’t really tring so hard to be noticed. 7-1 = 0 <– the simple equation that fangirl would do if a member leave.. but i respect your decision..
It seems like Jiwon is replacing Kim C place in Old Boy team.. i wonder what will happen to the dissapoint team after Jiwon married

2I just watch this video, 2AM seulong and some other guy that i dont regconize (sorry i’m not a fan) singing Hug
LOL the girls’ face was like “What the..you dont know HUG LYRIC?? How could you??”
I thought iwas the only one who thinks that every korean know this song and it’s lyric (or maybe every obsess fangirl XD), It’s like not knowing Arashi’s A.RA.SHI (okay maybe not).

3I re-watch Hey! say! by Hey! say! 7 ( a temporary sub group from H!S!J). Hey say is my 1st H!S!J song. I kinda LOL-ing the whole time, Yuto and chinen high note voice WIN! I miss that voice!. Chinen was REALLY cute at that time with his hairstyle which i still think looks like Rukia’s (bleach) hairstyle. FYI, although i was 12 when i watch this, i still thought that chinen was younger than me XD, . So because of i thought chinen was younger than me, Daiki was my bias during that time ;D LOL . It’s still a mystery how Chinen became my bias..
I still think that he NEED to grow a little bit more, Changmin do u care to share the secret how to become really tall with chinen? and i really NEED to realise that Chinen is 2 years older than me =__=
credit : ryosue0509haruma

4I found Intoxication in HD!. Junsu-oppa you turn this innocent little kid into a pervert! XD I’m not really a pervert but Junsu is..junsu.. is just..irresistable?
credit: katnarakoat

TVXQ fighting!


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