List of my current MV addiction.
1.SuJu realeased Bonamana MV today. I have to admit it Bonamana is REALLY addicting. Bounce to you bonce to you ;) . GOD!, Siwon looks sooo hot in that MV (well,I’m Siwon bias ;D) and the dance step looks so cool! *add Bonamana dance step to my have to learn dance step list*
credit: SM ent @ youtube
Note: please dont re-upload this MV, ELF had a “project” to show SuJu their love by reaching 1 million ++ view for bonamana. Do spread the words.

2. f(X) Nu abo.Nu abo MV is really cool. Amber is hot. I want Krystal’s hairstyle. Also Nu abo dancestep will be in my have-to-learn dancestep list.
credit: SM ent @ Youtube

3.Arashi Troublemaker. This MV is freakinly AWESOME! XD I really really really love this MV. They looked like little kids havig fun. Wait, isn’t their always look like that? ;D*get bricked*
Credit: Teatimebobby @ youtube
Arashi Monster single will be release on 19th May! Can’t wait for it’s PV/MV >.< . i think it will be awesome as Monster is kinda like a fairytale song. So i guess it's MV/PV will be magical? LOL

4.Kat-tun Love yourself. Junno with short hair is <3 , He is my eternal bias in Kat-tun. Jin is still with his sunglass =__= thank god he's not wearing a hat. I'm kinda bore with Jin's usual style which is hat + sunglass. And what's up with his hair? LOL i sound like a Jin anti-fan XD.

5.2NE1 Try to copy/follow me. Gaahhhh,They’re soo cool! Minzy and CL <333
credit: YG ent. @ youtube

6. SCANDAL Shunkan Sentimental. As I said before, They’re the bestest japan girl group ever. Haruna and Tomomi <3333 point to me any other Korean or Japanese girl band that can beat SCANDAL.
Credit : dogminds

7. Hey!Say!Jump Hitomi No Screen. Look at Chinen he look so hot and cute with the sword + beat ppl (LOL suddenly i remember on scene on Scrap teacher when he beat the bad guy because the guy touch/messed up his hair) o_0. I miss his high note voice XD. But, he’s still short and cute ;D (if you dont know which is chinen yuri, he’s the shortest and the cutest. p.s he’s 17 this year). Chinen you’re my bias in HSJ forever! . As usual, Yamada got the most line in the song =__= i dont hate yamada it’s not his fault but come oooonnnnn Johny-san!!! Yamada isn’t the only one with a great voice.
credit : mackygoesnyappy


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