Tohoshinki @ Kuala Lumpur

Posted: May 8, 2010 in In my head
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Remember my post about tohoshinki fair at kinokuniya KLCC ? well i went to kinokuniya KLCC today! and i was freakingly excited when i saw tohoshinki poster at kinokuniya entrance.
you can see junsu,yoochun,jaejoong,changmin and yunho’s picture ;)
Awesomeness. Always keep the faith ;) if you look closely you will see my reflection XD and as i take this picture there’s actually another fan saw this and ‘quietly’ screaming “Oh my sun TVXQ!” I’m serious.

But the “fair” was actually just a booth with Japanese magazine that feature tohoshinki. as this is a booth with japanese magazine, you will find this at japanese magazine section near the manga section(my fav section XD)
note: i tried to take all the picture secretly as some store including kinokuniya doesn’t really like people take picture of their stuff. So this is all that i got, =__= Photobucket
THSK photobook. I really want it but the green one is RM 144!!! and the other one is 155.darn it.

I try to find JJ and AnAn but…it’s sold out already…when i asked the person who work there about AnAn she looked at me like i did something wrong. Then i realized i’m underage..=___=

I didn’t buy any was too expensive for me to buy..the cheapest one is around RM40+ but there’s only a little TVXQ in it. In Kpop jap mag there’s Yunho This is it poster and yunho is hotttt!!! ;D

I was a little bit depressed about it. i really want the photobook so i drag my friend to Sungai wang to buy TVXQ. I mean to buy some TVXQ’s merchandise. For some Malaysian cassiopeia that doesnt know about SW there’s one store that sells kpop merchandise like buttons, stickers, fans, keychains etc

I bought TVXQ stickers! yes, just sticker. Why? because my best friend was really mad because i lied to her. I told her that KLCC is having a sale just to get her accompany me XD. Well if i tell her that i want to go KLCC because of TVXQ she will definately wouldnt want to go. She’s not really into Kpop. She’ only know wonder girls, Super Junior and TVXQ. My other two friend (the ELF duo that went to KLIA to stalk SuJu) are busy. Back to the story, so my punishment was i can’t go to animetech at Times square and i can’t buy TVXQ merchandise that’s RM4++. TT_____TT i learned my lesson.

Out of topic.
I was bored today an i googled Chunglish and i found this:
English when it is trying to be spoken by Park Yoochun.


Characterised by the frequent use of an ‘s’ or the suffix ‘able’ where there should not be one and the replacement of words with random terms that sound similar but bear no relation to the intended meaning.

and this:

A word that is used to expresses the complete and total awesomeness of a person/place/thing/idea.

This word is based on the artist Micky Yoochun of the Korean boyband DBSK, whose name ‘Yoochun’ ends with ‘Chun’ and is known for being (thinking he is) amazing/fantastic.

Yoochun rule the world! XD

TVXQ fighting!

  1. yanayunho says:

    hi! i like this post, a lot!! if u wanna shop for tvxq’s merchandise, just ask me to go! if i’m on holiday at that time… ^^

  2. PowerDrome says:

    Man, I would love to get some more posts about this topic. Thanks alot.

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