Fangirling for SCANDAL

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Jpop stuff
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SCANDAL is the most awesome japanese girl group ever! I’m sorry AKB48.Now,I love SCANDAL more

I feel like AKB48’s fans would want to kill me right now. I’m not really a fan of AKB48, I I just like their music .AKB48 is just too complicated for me XD. 48 members! 46 members…
I really wish there are no more Japanese girl group that do the graduating method thing.To be honest, I never understand how AKB48 works..I just know that there’s Team A,Team K and Team B and from all of 46 members i only knew Atsuko Maeda XD and I still remember the incident where she confess that she love yunho (TVXQ’s yunho of course) , after that she got A LOT of antis..yeah and most of the antis are ..BigEast of course

so here it goes again, TVXQ’s fan are being labelled as the worst fan base just because of some fan over react things .. =__= sheesh I love TVXQ and i accept the fact that i can’t marry them. They will date someone and marry someone who is NOT you!

okay sorry,I seems to be out of topic

Back to the topic,

I’m currently addicted to Doll by SCANDAL. I know Doll is an old song but I love it ;)

Haruna Ono I love you XD

Doll – SCANDAL lyric
Koi suru otome wa utsukushii to iu shoumei dekinai genjitsu
Akogare idaiteru bakari atashi kirei ni kazarareta DOLL

Wakatte nai desho nani mo
Atashi wa marude DYNAMITE

Iyannacchau yo ano koro no omoi doori ni narenai wa!

Atashi motto asonde motto ai saretai wa
Amai HAATO ga sawagi dasu
Mahou wa tokenai mou tomannai wa

Mou sorosoro jikan ga kitawa neteru suki ni sotto SAYONARA
GARASUKEESU wo nuke dasou soshite „koi suru KIMOCHI“ wo shiru no

Datte atama wa RABUMASHIIN kyoumi shinshin RABU na SHIIN


Atashi motto asonde motto ai saretai wa
Ii ko chan nante kidorenai
Zokuzoku shitai sore ga RIARU desho?

Ayafuya de modokaeshi sugite
Nari yukitte kizuiteru kedo
Riyuu nante ima wa iranai

Onegai! Motto KISU shite motto fukaku shitai wa
Atashi nanimo shiranai wake janai no yo
Atari mae jan!

Midara ni odoru dake ja otona ni narenakute
Waratte naite kowashite jikkan suru wa wakatteru no

Atashi motto asonde motto ai saretai wa
Amai HAATO ga sawagi dasu
Zokuzoku shiteru sore ga RIARU desho?

Akogare idaiteru bakari atashi kirei ni kazarareta DOLL

TVXQ fighting!
SCANDAL ganbatte!

  1. reallaerreal says:

    Oh…I just pass by and want to clarify sth about ABK48 antis’.

    After she said that she adore Yunho, those who trash and rip all ABK48 CDs in the news weren’t BigEast but ABK48 fans themselves. It was report later but everyone has already read the wrong one and ignore the right one.

    Please…BE and Cassies are very mature right now. I do admit that they might had done some bad things in the past but not this one.

  2. samohty says:

    Oh, really? sorry about the mistake.

    I’m also a Icassiopeia :). It just sometimes i hate that other fandom label cassopiea as crazy fangirl or maybe they said that they hate TVXQ because of what cassie had done.

  3. reallaerreal says:

    It’s ok. Sorry if I sounds so offence in the previous post. I know you’re also a cassiopeia :) I like your blog too. (Haven’t done read all posts, though. I will come back later.)

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