Intoxication Full PV is out

Posted: May 3, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Internet and TVXQ are like drugs. It’s so addictive and you can’t stop it. And i should be studying right now, Jun-chan is staring at me because i’m not studying. Jun-chan I love you and i’m posting an entry about you plus I picked you as my study date instead of YooMin. (ignore this pharagraph)

WHen I watch this PV first thing that came up to my mind was “WHAT HAPPEN TO MY CUTE JUN-CHAN??” The cute junsu….is gone….I had a mix feeling about this. I love my cute junsu but i love this junsu as well XD
Seriuosly how is this person is the same person in the PV??

Back to the topic

Let’s enjoy the PV
WARNING just in case of noseblead please provide some tissues.

credit: TVXQPOWERFULLGODS8 @ Youtube
“Bite and touch me kill and touch me baby”
Junsu-oppa, insted of bite you i will eat you XD

“Tell me do you want me” <— I just remembered when TVXQ went to france he said to some foreigner(or to yoochun) "Hey you want me? I want you" XD
I'm in love with Jun-chan right now..

Xiah Junsu Fighting!!
TVXQ fighting!

*sigh* it's time to study…=______=
*back to my study table while hearing xiahtic*


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