short update,

Posted: April 29, 2010 in In my head
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Mood : Tired
Currently listening to C-ute ; Shock!

firstly the update for “It’s Tohoshinki 5th Anniversary” will be update soon with A LOT of Picture ;) it’s just i’m REALLY busy right now. I hate school right now =_____=

I’m VERY depress that Paradise Meadow/Ranch’s (the drama that had changmin as their main lead) airing date has been pushed back AGAIN! and MAYBE it will be air in late May – late june. Urgh,when will i get to see my changmin?? NVM, now i just hope that Paradise meadow will be airing at KBS World *cross finger*

my Yoochun’s drama will be air soon……….June to be specific XD but’s only available at BeeTV (Broadcast service that only available for DoCoMo cell phones (TT____TT) )

TVXQ fighting! ;)


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