Malaysian cassiopeia get your THSK Best Selection 2010 copy now at Speedy!

Posted: April 23, 2010 in In my head
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Remeber my post about how frustrated i am about not able to get a copy THSKBS 2010. Well i finally managed to buy one at Speedy Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju branch XD
Version B, ;) .I wanted Version A with the poster but it’s sold out already this is the LAST ONE. I was really lucky!
The saleperson told me i could pre-order it if i really want Version A but it could take a loooooong time. I couldnt make up my mind at that time. I want it now but i want the poster! but at the same time i waited to own best selection for looong enough but i want the poster. I WANT THE POSTER! XD but I want THSK best selction NOW!

but as you can see…. i already bought version B =___=

Till now, I still couldn’t accept the fact that i already own Best selection! i’m soo happy!!

in the booklet..
My fav Junsu’s picture
the charismatic junsu~~

My fav Micky’s picture
I want to hug him!

My fav Jae’s picture
*_____* he’s so handsome!

My fav Changmin’s picture
I fell like kissing him right now

My fav Yunho’s picture
The manly leader~~ >.<

Last but not least…..
I luv this! Tohoshinki are Junsu,Yuchun,Jejung,Changmin and Yunho
short but meaningful. Always keep the faith ;)

TVXQ! Jia you!
p/s: I Still want Version A! Will hunt for version A! I already told the saleperson at the speedy shop near my house and the one at the JJ to pre-order it for me XD

  1. lyrico jae says:

    hey, how much you paid for it? for all?

  2. lyrico jae says:

    can you please email me the detail price in rm?

  3. samohty says:

    sorry for the late reply

    Version A RM 48.90+ <– + poster, 2CD (2 brand new song with all my heart nd toki wo tomete)
    Version B RM 45.95+ <– 1CD,1 DVD ( Break out PV and best selecton karoeke MV)
    Version C RM 43++ <– 1CD (Best Selection songs ONLY)

  4. lyrico jae says:

    and sorry..for the late reply..oowh..thank you ^6

  5. husna says:

    still hv in speedy now??..
    i really want thsk best selection…

  6. samohty says:

    i’m sorry IDK, it’s been a long time since i when to speedy ;P
    better check it for your self ;)

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