The story of Tohoshinki Best Selection and me

Posted: April 20, 2010 in In my head
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Mood : frustrated
Currently listen to With all my heart – TVXQ

Sigh, the story began when….
My friend told me that she read at that Speedy retail now sells Tohoshinki Best Selection for RM 48++ and it’s the same version WITH poster. Of course my reaction to that was “OMGSUN! Maji de??? I’m really going to run to Speedy after this” then I look at my purse there’s only RM10. damn it. I have to go back home to get some money =__= . So for the rest of the school day, in my head i was thinking “ring bell ring! hurry up…THSK Best Selection wait for no one”

After the school bell ring, I think i’m the first one to leave the school XD. I ran home (i still can’t believe it! i ran home! i usually take the public bus because it took me about 30 minutes to walk to school plus with my school uniform!) and quickly grab my RM50. I ran (again and still with my school uniform) to the shop and wow it only took me about 5 minutes to reach speedy retail shop (it usually took me 15 minutes). As i reach the shop i was really tired and looked like a mad person. And then i asked the sale person at the counter

Me: Kak, Tohoshinki Best selection ade tak?
(miss, is THSK Best Selection still available?)
The sale person: Oh, itu tak ade stok lagi lah dik. Sorry
(I’m story it’s still not in stock yet)
Me: Boleh pre-order tak?
(can i pre-order it?)
TSP: Sorry dik, tak boleh lah. dah 50 orang pre-order. Album tu limited
(I’m sorry but there’s 50 people that already pre-order it.That album is limited)
Me: Eh?
TSP: Sorry sangat
(i’m really sorry)

where do this 50 people come from!!!?? seriuosly!

I’m so frustrated!! THSK Best Selection 2010, When will i own you??

I’m keeping the faith.
TVXQ figting!

  1. sha tsyr says:

    tu la…sikit sgt la dorg amik…sy pon ader beli best selection[2cd+1dvd] poster out of stock…after debating, sy beli jugak…sbb tgal satu je tu…

    btw, awk tau x kat mana nak beli dvd thanksgiving live in dome dan juga album the…jacket A[cd+dvd]…sy tnye kt popular, dorg ckp xde news…dorg pon xsure sbb biasanya dorg jual hongkong vers. je..huhu…

  2. samohty says:

    for the THSK best selection, sy dpt bli gak gan poster skali hhe tp sy bli ver. B sbb ver. A sold out everywhere =___= but then i’m lucky sbb family bg THSK best selection ver. A for my birthday . oh yeah and both of it came with poster! so… i guess i’m lucky that i got 2 poster hhe

    JYJ Thanksgiving, bru kluar kan? so i doubt it that the DVD is already available kat malaysia. maybe dlm 2 bulan lagi try cari kat SG wang. or awk bleh order je kat HMV/YesAsia/CDjapan

    as for The…. , album tu belum kluar (it will be officially out at 8 sept) lg so if you want it kene pre-order kat or or

    hope that helps :)

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