Nino impress me again!

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Jpop stuff
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Nino! Nino! Nino! hahaha i’m in my nino-arashi bias mode XD

He impress me with his Niji solo which was in………. 2008?
I love Niji so much that i ended up singing it non-stop for 1 week ;D
and because of that my friend even ask me what happen to my TVXQ fandom ;P I just love Niji and Nino’s voice and that doesnt mean i “betrayed” TVXQ

Back to the topic…
I just watched/listened to Nino’s solo Kotoba Yori mo Taisetsu na mono

… and i’m in love with his cute voice again.

What i love about this guy is he’s like yoochun (he can play instrument and had a baby face) but he had a personality like changmin (a snarky personality) so it’s a bonus for me since i’m 50% YooMin bias XD

Yes, the reason why Ninomiya Kazunari is my favourite in Arashi is because he’s like YooMin. I WAS sho bias before i knew TVXQ (I knew arashi before i knew TVXQ) gome neee sho-kun we’re just not meant for each other *get killed by arashi’s fan*

Arashi Ganbatte!
TVXQ fighting!

p/s: i’m suppose to do my history assingment right now… my mom gonna killed me of she sees me online =__=”


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