Legend of asia:TVXQ at 8tv?

Posted: April 10, 2010 in All about TVXQ, In my head
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I really miss TVXQ!. I watched No limit today and Yunho was hot(as usual) but what suprise me is that i actually doesn’t felt bored as i watched it online. Maybe beacause i could enjoy more of yunho hotness with 42′ inch TV XD. But i’m not going to tell you about yunho right now. During No limit i saw “Legend of asia: TVXQ 1 May, 1 PM”at the right corner which the place for promoting 8tv’s show. As a casiopeia of course I almost screamed and felt like kissing the tv(or 8TV’s president or even anyone that worked with 8TV XD

I just can’t helped myself but do some research about it but UNFORTUNATELY it’s in 1st May which is next month so.. i found none =___=

oh yeah… did you guys ever tried listen to TVXQ’s song really loud with headphone? I did and it was awesome! no kidding especially if you heard balloons and hug. I tried this last sunday while i’m in my depress mode. Hug + headphone + a really loud volume = Nostalgic. You will realise how cute changmin’s voice in hug. Balloos + headphone + loud volume = overload cuteness! esp the “lalalala” part XD i’m smilling while crying when i heard balloons ( I was in my depress mode after i heard about THSK and their activities )

p/s: I’m using celcom broadband right now and the connection are killing me! if have any mispelling words i’m sorry *bow* I miss streamyx! i miss my home! i miss my TVXQ’s posters! i miss my bed! *sigh* i wanna go home =__=

pp/s: When is Rain going to do a comeback stage at music bank? i wanna see his hot body i mean his wonderful perfomance

Always keep the faith, Hope to the end
TVXQ fighting!

  1. eyes on you says:

    well hello cassie~

    i too, love to listen their songs on my PMP and turns the volume real loud.

    it makes me feel.. content. and happy.

    always keep the faith!

  2. keelyn says:

    omgah haha u’re like me! we cry when we hear nostalgic songs… yah, i miss them to. wish everything didn’t turn out like this, i mean they worked their ass off and they so do not deserve this lawsuit/almost disbandment/ 3+2 crap. ugh SM DJSFHBUREYBVFUREDHNCUIDF haha nyways,update soon! : ) immastalkurblog. : )

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