Keeping the faith

Posted: April 8, 2010 in In my head
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It’s been 3 days since i update this blog,

And something interesting has happen to me in those 3 days :)

Monday: My friends gave me a “Always keep the faith” card for me. The knew about Tohoshinki pausing their activities and really worried about me. And FYI non of them are cassiopeia or TVXQ fan. I’m the only Cassiopeia in my class after my best buddy who-is-then-one-responsible-for-turning-me-into-cassioepia;Cahaya moved. I REALLY appreciated it! it was soo nice of them. Even Cahaya called me after she heard about Tohoshinki. I’m really thankful to have a friends like them. I love you Mandy,Lala and Nani!

Tuesday: I discovered they were SNSD/Girl’s generation fanboy in my class! i was really shocked to see Daniel asked me if i knew Girl’s generation and after that he sang Oh! in front of me XD it was really cute! He even do Oh! hand movement. Daniel if you read this, I’m sorry but i was really cute (not to mention kinda girly XP) *get bricked*

Wednesday: I was really shocked to hear Mirotic in my Boyfriend’s MP3 player. He NEVER listened to K-pop so was really really really really shocked to hear Mirotic. When i asked him about it he answered that he’s jealous when saw me hang out with TVXQ fanboy and talked about TVXQ so he’s trying to be a TVXQ fan. Who knows that making you boyfriend jealous by hanging out with cassie can turn them into a TVXQ fan.

Always keep the faith, Hope to the end
I will wait for TVXQ even if it takes me forever


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