Always keep the fatih,

Posted: April 4, 2010 in In my head
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My head hurts. I was thinking too much about the Tohoshinki issue. When i first read the news i was mad. I was thinking “yoochun oppa you told me to always keep the faith but why did you do this to me?”. My faith is fading to tell you the truth.
So much for I-think-april-is-going-to-be-a-great-month. =___=
I felt so worried,helpless and blank. I love them so much as 5 that it hurt to see they made an anouncement to suspend their group activities. I have to remember that they just gonna SUSPEND their group activities. suspension isn’t equal to disbandment

This is just for while. This is just for a while. This is just for a while.

CASSIOPEIA is made up by 5 STARS

TVXQ, I will wait for your comeback. I WILL WAIT FOREVER. Just please come back as 5.

ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH, Hope to the end.
TVXQ fighting…


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