TVXQ guys are just too tall for me ;D

Posted: March 30, 2010 in In my head
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I re-watch Music Station that feature Arashi and TVXQ just now… and…I realize TVXQ guys are just too tall..too tall esp the magnae Prince Shim.. i feel like a dwarf now =___=”

Maybe Arashi fan will kill after they read this. I’m not teasing Arashi, I’m short..i’m just 160 CM = 5 feet?

Arashi’s tallest member is Aiba;176 and TVXQ shortest member is Junsu ; 178 0_o

Look at this
there’s a correction chagmin is 186 CM(and he’s still growing..) now and yunho is 185?

here is i found some picture of arashi meet TVXQ at music station
look at how short is nino looked when he stand beside Yunho =__=” .. and looked how small ohno looked.. TVXQ leader vs Arashi leader..
i wonder what will happen if i stand beside changmin Photobucket
He’s 190 and i’m 160.. 0_o… 190-160= 30 cm…gosh..I’m…short

btw did you guys realize that Arashi look so young and childish eventhough their age range are between 25-30 and TVXQ look so mature but their age range are between 22-24

maybe shorter people tend to look younger ;P

AKTF! Hope to the end!
TVXQ fighting!

  1. trulyasian says:

    Hey, Can you post a link to this video? I wanted to see Arashi & dbsk together, but can’t find it any where.

  2. lyrico jae says: normally like know, i’ve friend which high 180cm and my lecture is 189cm..i always compare myself to!! at least you are 160..i’m only 156cm..but yeah, sometimes people who don’t know me, they think 1’m 15 years old..oh gosh, make me hate..because i want them see me matured..i’m 20 for Gos sake!!

  3. samohty says:

    Youtube already removed it.. i dowloanded it from here : click here <– tohoshinki talk…the one in the picture is from arashi talk..but i watched that from my friend's laptop

  4. sha tsyr says:

    i want to grow taller…but it is IMPOSSIBLE since i’m 23 yrs…my height is 152cm…what happen if i stand beside micky…T_T.
    minnie, donate some height to me….

  5. fatima says:

    omg HOW CUTE haHAHAHAH, I used to listen to Arashi but now I’m kinda into K-pop. I listen to Bigbang, shinee, dbsk, se7en and some others :D

    Well I’ll agree with you Arashi is really short if you compare them to Dbsk. HAHA they’re just so cute standing next to each other :D

  6. samohty says:

    after i knew TVXQ i’m kinda move to kpop too…but i only listen to a few of them..korean song isnt really my thing, esp korean ballad ;P

    so far i only like 2NE1,big bang and 2PM

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