Arashi no Shukudai-Kun farewell message

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Jpop stuff
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I can’t believe this…. I just stop watching Arashi no shukudai-kun last year and now…it’s coming to end TT__TT
sigh.i’m still in shock.

anyway to read the member’s farewell message click here

well…there is still himitsu no arashi ;) this remind me of kat-tun cartoon, it’s been a while since i last watched that show.

Now enjoy Troublemaker from Arashi! *point at ohmiya* look at them! hha i can’t believe nino is 27 and riida is 30!

“Are you ready sainan datte mo
Sweet sweet sou let’s go no sain
Do it do it zuzushii kurai” ;)

-I’m angry with my keyboard right now…it’s so annoying! i have to press really hard for e,g,h,n and enter =__=

AKTF, Hope to the end ;)
TVXQ fighting!



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