Heading to the ground at 8tv!

Posted: March 29, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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*scream* OMG OMG! okay okay.. I’m trying to relax here…
Okay.. for Malaysian cassiopeia do you guys see No Limit a.k.a Heading to the ground CM (drama sneak peek or whatever you called it) at 8tv? I seriously scream after I see that commercial! No kidding. *breath in* *breath out* okay.. this is just heading to the ground I dont know what kind of reaction that I will make IF I saw Changmin’s Paradise Meadow/Ranch CM at KBS world.

Okay, back to the topic. Our favourite leader-shi U-know Yunho drama will be start airing on 4 APRIL, what time will it be airing? I forgot to see what time will it be airing since I’m too excited after I saw the CM XD *get bricked* but maybe it will be replacing Coffee prince time slot which is 4PM

Oh God, I’m still excited! It’s soo funny when 8tv’s narrator said it clearly “Wacth No limit FEATURING U-KNOW FROM TONG VFANG XIN QI” hha the narrator really highlight the “featuring U-know from TVXQ” part (or is it just me that hear it like that? XD). Although I know HTTG/No limit kinda suck, but still I’m gonna watch it!!!

TVXQ fighting! AKTF,hope to the end

  1. uNNa says:

    huhu soooo excited!! same wiv u..cudnt expect whut im going to do if i see changmin’s drama come out..

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