Ranking: Song as Your Wake Up Alarm

Posted: March 27, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Overall Ranking

1 「Troublemaker」Arashi  (2010)
2 「Joyful」Ikimonogakari  (2009)
3 「Ichibutozenbu B’z  (2009)
4 「Someday」EXILE  (2009)
5 「Kurenai」X (1989)
6 「Gold Soul」Shōnan no Kaze (2008)
7 「Happiness」Arashi (2007)
8 「BREAK OUT!」Tohoshinki (2010)
9 「Linda Linda」The Blue Hearts (1987)
10 「ultra soul」B’z  (2001)

source: RBB Today News
shared by: aramatheydidnt @ LJ + OneTVXQ.com

troublemaker as wake up alarm….hmm i think i wouldn’t wake up when i heard “Are you ready sainan datte mo
Sweet sweet sou let’s go no sain” XD *get hit by arashi fan*

I think my wake up alarm song is the most effective alarm song ever ; mirotic! starting from the rap till changmin mirotic scream XD


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