Mirotic misheard lyric

Posted: March 27, 2010 in In my head
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This is epic! Please do not get angry.. this is just for fun. I’m a TVXQ fan a.k.a a cassiopeia too ^_^
Just for fun..there’s 3 video that i chose,

1st. English version

“I’m good you know” ! XD micky you are not just good you are delicous!
“Am i so gay?” “no lying not yet”
at the part when they say come one come on = kamo kamo XD it’s kinda funny cuz kamu(pronounce kinda like kamo) is a malay word for you

Whoever made this is a genius ;)

2nd.the manglish (malaysian english) version

“Engine dah clear and dush” XD god that’s epic
“Murin current song; You’re a dog”
“no naked baju”

I actually cry from laughing after watching this..no kidding

3rd. The english version again (note: this one is made by the same person that made the manglish version)

“you wipe me down cuz you’re a gay,Yay now you’re a crystal ” XD
“i’m gonna kiss you while i’m gay”
“dong bang shin ki got you’re going ” ;)

this is just for entertaiment only :) please dont be mad
my favourite definately the second one!
how about you?

credit for the 1st video:darknoonthirty@ youtube
credit for the 2nd and 3rd video: siapajoyahjus


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