[News]TVXQ International fan survey, Please participate.

Posted: March 24, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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[O! SURVEY] RE(d)SEARCH Ocean, Help contribute to statistics and facts of the international fanbase


A few weeks ago, HMV came up with a survey on the subject of Tohoshinki fans’ attitude – in Japan. We have always been hearing facts and statistics about Japanese Bigeast and Korean Cassiopeia, and we decided that we, as international fans, should have a survey of our own!

There has never been an analysis of this kind targeted for TVXQ’s international fanbase, and considering O!’s encompassed demographics and member count, this should have a high level of accuracy. This survey will ask you the most basic questions like “Are you Male or Female?” and will also touch on topics like the merchandise you own, and your TVXQ-related trips to Korea (if any).

Once the survey has been closed, we will be collating the results and will be presenting it in a proper way. The results will also be shared with Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc. fans through DNBN, 3asian, baidutvxq, and so on. We’re sure that they are interested in us as much as we’re interested in them (:

Help make this survey as complete as possible and get your friends to participate too!

Click the picture to join the survey :)


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