My sister,Toki Wo Tomete and me

Posted: March 23, 2010 in In my head
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Yesterday, I was listening and singing Toki Wo Tomete non-stop for 5 hours! XD and because of that my sister was really pissed of ;P she even said ” _____, you singing to a japanese song! you skipped your japanese class! do you even know what are you singing about?” ouch. I hate japanese and yes, i do skipped my japanese class but it’s not a crime to sing THSK’s song rite?? so i just ignore her comment and keep on singing Toki Wo Tomete. What’s funny is, when we watched 8TV Nite Live (yesterday) there was a MV poll. Guess what? Toki Wo Tomete was in that poll! To vote for the poll you need to use a cell phone. The other two songs that also in that poll were ;No one (F.CUZ) and Let me hear your voice (Big Bang). After realised that Toki Wo Tomete was in that poll, she immediately looked at me and stole my cell phone. She said ” wanna bet? I give you RM 5 IF TVXQ win this poll and you CAN’T vote for them!”. I just nodded i know how strong the power of Malaysian cassiopeia XD the voting time is just 45 minutes (1.00 a.m – 1.45 a.m). For the first 10 minutes TVXQ was winning! at first she was calm. very calm.Maybe because at that time Big bang’s vote was very close to TVXQ’s but after 15 minutes TVXQ was still winning ;). Then she grabbed her cell phone and start to vote for F.CUZ (she’s not even a F.CUZ fan. the only reason she voted for F.CUZ is because they are just 5% behind TVXQ. She voted for F.CUZ like crazy XD. I just sat in front of TV calmly.
45 Minutes had passed…… and the result are…. Toki Wo Tomete! hahaha I just laughed and said “You can’t beat cassiopeia. 5 ringgit pleaaseeee” She just looked at me. She seems really angry. REALLY angry XD then she said ” GO TO SLEEP! YOU HAVE SCHOOL TOMMOROW” and went to her bed.

And I got my 5 ringgit today! ;) Thank You to all cassie or those who vote for TVXQ yesterday *bow*
Oh yeah i just watched U-know Yunho exclusive interview at KBS (astro broadcast) today. Our leader looks really cute and handsome as usual ;) Thank you astro! ;P

Let’s all listen to Toki Wo tomete, shall we?

AKTF, Hope till the end!
TVXQ fighting!, Cassiopeia fighting!


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