Toki Wo Tomete PV is out!

Posted: March 21, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Let’s all scream and shout!! kyaa~~ hahaha

It took me 30 minutes to wait for the video to load =__= what happen to my internet connection? everything seems so fast but the video load is really slow.Is this a conspiracy that my mom had plan so i will gave up on TVXQ? XD

-Yoochun husky voice~~ it never gets old. I love Yoochun voice the most XP. I’m not an expert in the vocal stuff but i just love yoochun voice! I’m always yooochun bias when it comes to TVXQ ballad song XD

-Changmin looks really really handsome in this PV, He’s like prince ;D wait.HE IS MY PRINCE *get bricked*

-Group shot! group shot!

-At 1:118 it seems like Yoochun is looking at his secret lover;junsu XD while yunho is looking at his wifey;jaejoong ;)

-At 1:38..seems like yoochun is looking at junsu again

Seeing the stars reminds me of Cassioepeia, ahh the boys must miss cassie ;P

AKTF, Hope till the end
TVXQ fighting


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