[Review] Tohoshinki 4th Album The secret code

Posted: March 21, 2010 in All about TVXQ, Reviews
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I woke up this morning and i realize i really miss TVXQ =__= I miss seing them perform LIVE.
So I decided to listen to their 4th Japanese album; The secret code
As you can see there’s a crack TT__TT I regret for not taking a good care of it.

Mine is 2CD+DVD

The secret code contains;
Disc 1
Secret game, force, Doushite kimi suki, nobody knows, beautiful you, Wasurenaide, 9095, Jumon/Mirotic, TAXI, stand up!, survivor, kiss the baby sky and bolero.. (shhh..there’s actually a secret track;9096)

Disc 2
We are, take your hand-Remix, box in the ship, sennen koi uta and purple line

PV – Purple line, beautiful you, doushite kimi suki, jumon/mirotic, bolero, survivor and kiss the baby sky
Off shot movie – the secret code jacket shooting and TMO kiss the baby sky

My favourite in THSK the secret code is;

Secret Game
This songs is really addicting! it start with the sound of alarm clock XD then yoochun said can you catch me? oh baby cop girl (yoochun-aah i will chase you till death XD)
the whole song is addicting. My favourite part of the song is of course;
We get it baby you wanna trap in T
We get it baby you wanna trap in V
We get it baby you wanna trap in X
We get it baby you wanna trap in Q
We get it baby you wanna trap in 4 (i wonder why 4 not 5)

Doushite kimi wa suki ni natte shimatan darou @ doushite kimi suki/kimi suki
I think TVXQ starting to get more attention after kimi suki. I never knew that a ballad song can be really addicting. I just can’t stop singing or listening to kimi suki right after i first heard it. what i doesnt like about this song is this song use a long word but they sing it really fast ;D. Whenever i try to sing kimi suki i’m always out of breath XD

Beautiful You
Just imagine TVXQ’s boys singing “you such a beautiful women” to you,isn’t it wonderful ? ;).
This song will always be my no.1 on my what-song-will-TVXQ-sing-for-me list XD. And i want my future husband to sing this song for me hahaha and sometimes i hope that this will be my wedding song, no kidding ;P

I love taxi! i love taxi! i love taxi! ;D
TAXI is actually a nice soft ballad song. When i first saw the tittle i thought TAXI would be a pop song but i was wrong. I love taxi more than wasurenaide! I wonder why the tittle is taxi….. i know there’s one line that said without even trying to stop the taxi and making promise ( i dont know how to ranslate that part XD) but i think the song need a better tittle ;P

Bolero is one of my favourite ballad song. i felt in love with bolero at the first time i hear it. I love the part when junsu started to sing “itsumademo” after that Yunho started to sing then junsu again then changmin then comes the epic part when yoochun started to harmonize with jaejoong and then yoochun started to hit the high note…I love that part soo much that i repeat it again and again for maybe 30+ times XD

Kiss the baby sky
This song is too addicting XD you just cant stop listening to it! I always listen to this song whenever i’m in a bad mood. It’s like when you listen to A.RA.SHI it will gave you some sort of energy ;P My favourite part of this song of course when yoochun said “TVXQ, My Hero, My Max,My U-know, My Xiah and Micky we’re the one eternally” ;)

Sennen koi uta
I love the song rythm..it’s just so nice and soft, I dont know how to describe it. I just love it!

The dvd… My favourite PV is Beautiful You.
Why? because of one simple reason; Yunho looks really hot in it XD

It’s 12 AM and i have school tommorow (=__=”)
Sorry for the bad grammar…

AKTF Hope till the end!
TVXQ fighting!

  1. Elvenknight24 says:

    You wondered why 4, well maybe its because tvxq stand for 4 characters, right?

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