Things that I just can’t keep up

Posted: March 20, 2010 in In my head
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1st. Watching anime TT__TT
What kind of cruel world am I living? I bought God save our king season 3 last week..wait no..last month..but it’s still in its plastic and i never touch it! I was too buzy with my march test and homework that i forgot all about it…
not only GSOK but Jigoku shoujo also!it seems like my interest in anime is fading awayy Y__Y my worst nightmare is happening! wait..losing interest in anime isn’t my worst nightmare but still i dont want to! I used to love anime but why?? why?? why am i losing interest in anime?? Doushite?????? I’m gonna blame it on my mom ;P. Can’t wait for Nodame Cantabile new season….i hope i can watch it!

2nd. Arashi
I used to know all latest thing about Arashi but in this past month or starting from 2010 to be specific I kinda forgot about them. gosh what happen to my interest in Jpop??? Blame it all on kpop and my mom. why I’m balming my mom again? because she’s the one who unsubscribe Animax. Why? so i can’t watch K-ON!, Welcome to NHK (which i’m dying to watch) and most importantly so i can’t watch Music Station. What had i done wrong? TT_________TT good thing you can’t unsubscribe KBS

3rd. Buying TVXQ album
I’m broke. I look at my purse and i only got RM50. sigh. i should stop buying manga and anime but i love anime…..what kind of world am i living??? I have to chose between buying anime DVD or TVXQ album. Maybe you expect me to chose TVXQ as i am a TVXQ fan but it’s like choosing YooMin or Jaemin or maybe YunJae or YooSu or maybe Hikaru or Kaoru Taichin(the twins from OHSHC). It’s hard. REALLY Hard and I WANT TOHOSHINKI 2010 BEST SELECTION BADLY! TT____TT plus I want Toki wo tomete jacket B too

4th. Watching Jdrama.
I’m not a fan of Kdrama. I love JD 50 times more than KD. I dont have time to visit Mysoju anymore. And i dont have money to buy drama (i’m already in a dilemma between Anime or TVXQ). I heard that the season 2 for Code blue is out. darn it. My must-watch-Jdrama list is getting longer as i’m gonna add Hotaru no Hikari on the list and Teppei’s drama Ohitorisama.
Oh yeah dont kill me but I love Dragom Zakura more than Master/God of study. Master of study is kinda boring in my kind of view ;P

Life is hard and I live in a cruel word that need sacrifices XD

Let’s hear to Arashi Wish as this song just randomly popped into my head while i’m hearing with all my heart


AKTF,Hope till the end
TVXQ fighting


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