[PIC]Tohoshinki 30th Single – Toki Wo Tomete

Posted: March 20, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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I just checked CD japan today..and yeah i saw Toki wo tomete, the cover! the cover! they all look really really yummy! look at Prince Shim’s body 0____o hot! look at the biceps….changmin-nii~~ seems like you’re been working out really hard ;D

here is the picture of Jacket A & B

Jacket A (CD+DVD) = RM 65.77

Jacket B (CD) = RM 36.54 ..let’s all drool over changmin’s biceps XD

I’m broke, i dont even have Tohoshinki Best Selection YET. TT___TT *put toki wo tomete in my wishlist* my wishlist is getting longer…XD

Visit CD japan for more details

AKTF, Hope till the end!
TVXQ fighting!


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