Report about Super Junior at KLIA

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Kpop stuff

I can’t believe that i made 3 post about SuJu only on this past week..=__= March is SuJu month so it’s exceptional ;P

Okay, although I DONT have a chance to stalk SuJu (too lazy and i love my money XD )but My ELF friend did,

She said that the airport was KINDA full with SuJu fans..
And there were soooo many fans who dissapointed because thay doesnt have a chanced to see them, eeh why?? because Super Junior went ninja! hahaha
Super Junior doesnt go out through the gate that they were supposed to, so most of the fans that waited at gate 5 didn’t really managed to see them TT__TT but my ELF friend managed to see them! she actually somehow spotted some person wear a super show tags and followed them (it seems like she’s only using her smart brain for stalking XD) but unfortunately she didn’t managed to capture a single picture! (or maybe she’s lying hmmm ) she said that she was too excited to meet suju and too busy admiring SuJu member talllness hahaha she’s crazy! but still she’s my friend

although she’s lucky enough to spot SuJu but still she said she was too late cuz she cant see their face and she didn’t have a chance to scream “Super Junior saranghaeyo” plus she say she almost faint went she saw some tall guy waving that LOOKS like KyuHyun

She also asked me to say thank you to the KLIA guard, Why?? she said they were really nice towards SuJu fans ^__^

I’m waiting for some fancams to be upload on YouTube…

AKTF, Hope till the end
TVXQ fighting!, SM family Fighting!

  1. Yenny says:

    do u know when they r going back?

  2. samohty says:

    I read in some website (i forgot maybe soompi) that they will be back on sunday 11 PM not sure thought

  3. Yenny says:

    awh so late >.< huhu
    i got class on monday~

  4. samohty says:

    maybe u should go around KL on sunday, who knows you may meet them ;)

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