Super Junior fever hit malaysia

Posted: March 18, 2010 in In my head
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If you live in Malaysia you will know what I mean,
I went to 7-E to buy some magazines and guess what i saw 5 MAGAZINES WITH SUPER JUNIOR AS THEIR COVER. March would be a heaven month for Malaysian ELF =__= . Why when TVXQ came to Malaysian for 1st and 2nd tour they didn’t receive this much attention? WHY???? yes I’m jealous :((

My ELF friend keep complaining that she’s broke because of buying so many SuJu stuff this month.
On BTS(berjaya time square) there’s this tiny store that sell SuJu stuff for their concert.when she saw that store,she was like kid saw a toy store. She ALMOST bought all of the SuJu-related-stuff that the store sell(thank god she doesnt buy the store XD)

But unfortunately she cant go to SuJu concert hahaha I’m laughing at her misfortunate XD I’m a bad friend am I? ;P
Anyway I’m jealous of SuJu for receiving this much of attention, REALLY jealous. I feel like killing myself (or super junior’s member) if i see the Super Junior now..Just kidding ;)

I wonder when will they arrive? i want to stalk them…but going to klia is pretty expensive..(bus;RM1.00 –> LRT(terminal-KL senntral);RM 2.40 –> KL Transit;RM35.00 (one way)
so just to get to KLIA it would cost me RM 38.40 (if i took KLIA transit) then times by two for return journey so that will equal to RM 76.80! 0__o )

RM 76.80 for SuJu..maybe i will not stalk them..they’re just SuJu not TVXQ XP *get kill by E.L.F*

TVXQ figthing! SM family fighting!
AKTF, Hope till the end!


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