[Pic]How Changmin had change

Posted: March 18, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Here is a special post for my Prince Shim :)
Our Prince charming had change from the cute and young prince to tall and handsome(plus hot) prince ;D

Let’s see how much our TVXQ magnae had change, oh yeah and please concentrate on his cheek (i get attract to people with chubby cheek ;D), you can see he lost his weight little by little. and he start to lose his chubby cheek starting from ‘O’ jung ban hap, you can see his chubby cheek is losing little by little starting from that

HUG (2004/03)
mistmatch eyes!mismatch eye!

Tri-angle (2004) honestly, their Tri-angle image scared me ;P
what happen to my cute prince?? XD

Rising Sun (2005)

O.Jun.Ban.Hap (2006) waah look how he had change in one year! where’s my cute prince? 0__o

Mirotic (2008) Sexy changmin ;P let’s all drool over him

The secret code (2009)

Break out (2010) he had completely lose his chubby cheek but he’s still look cute and huggable (plus hot)

Changmin-oppa!!! I LOVE YOU XD
I think there’s not enough picture in this post and i’m too lazy for uploading more picture..
maybe i’m gonna make a part 2..

AKTF, Hope till the end
DBSK fighting!TVXQ Jia you!Toho
shinki Ganbatte!


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