You know you’re obsess with TVXQ when..

Posted: March 16, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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– Everything that you basically own that can play CDs/mp3s, has their music in it!

– You “silent scream” while watching their performances, and then replay the video just to make sure. And the process repeats itself (x83505756..) — tell me which TVXQ fan doesnt replay TVXQ’s video! ;P)

– You know those moments when, lets say.. the boys break out into pelvic thrusts (O__o) and your jaw drops to the floor, and doesn’t come back up.. Yeah XD

– You know you’re obsessed when you see a dolphin and the first thing you think of is “JUNSU!”

– You know you’re obsessed when you read “Twilight” and you think Jae is Edward.

– You know you’re obsessed when you buy everything Micky Mouse you see simply because Yoochun is also
named, “Micky.” — i have a confession.. i buy micky mouse things or anything had the word micky on it because of yoochun =__=

– You know you’re obsessed when the word food immediately makes you think “CHANGMIN!” —- always remind me of changmin

– You know you’re obsessed when you’re a girl and you get Jae’s haircut. —- *coughihaveyoochun’shaircutcough*

– You know you’re obsessed when you buy something because it reminds you of TVXQ. —- errr i think every cassiopeia did this XP

– You know you’re obsessed when you get mad, for reals, if someone says something bad about TVXQ.

– You know you’re obsessed when everyone around you says, “Damn, why do you like boys who look like
girls?” —– really?? i dont think so

– You know you’re obsessed when your wall, desktop, cellphone, and mp3 player are filled with pictures of TVXQ. —– “-_- my cellphone wallie had changmin’s picture,my study table had TVXQ’s calendar, my desktop wallie had TVXQ’s picture too,My purse had Chunnie’s picture

– You know you’re obsessed when you compare every guy you meet with TVXQ. — omo, i did that

– read a music article and expect TVXQ to be mentioned. —- hahaha…i did this!

– watch a show just to hear them talk about the boys for 1 minute. — hahaha so true! i’m not a fan of invicible youth but when i hear that they said SNSD’s sunny mention about yunho in one episode. i put a reminder just to watch it! XD

– you can answer any question about them

– you have a bunch of tvxq icons, wallpapers, etc. on your computer — tell me which cassie doesnt have tvxq’s picture on your computer

– you imagine yourself meeting them xD

– you want to learn korean/japanese because they speak those languages — not really but i’m forcing myself to do better at it eventhough i doesn’t like it..darn it why does i have to take japanese class??

– you’ve watched their videos so many times you know some dance parts —- :P so true!

– just looking at their pictures/videos makes you happy

– you feel deprived of dbsk when you cant use the computer/your internet’s not working

– You recognize all their voices when you listen to their songs. — duh, which cassie doesnt regconize their voices?

– You daydream about them.

– your alarm clock is the wake up messages they did — i have changmin’s mirotic scream as my alarm LOL

– you try to wear the same clothes they do. — i admit it i try to copy jae’s style

– you get excited when they own the same things as you

-You are bored during class and find yourself writing over and over again “TVXQ”… all over the sheet of paper where you’re suposed to be taking down notes… —- errr isnt every cassie did this XD

– More than the majority of your songs are of DBSK.

– You’ve considered choosing the names of your children with [insert member name]. — i was consider giving my child’s name ; Yoomin,Yunjae and Yoosu

– You think of one of them as your future husband. (or all of them, XD)

– You remember and celebrate their birthdays but not your friends’, and sometimes.. your parents’ ”

– You place DBSK and fangirling before health, sleep and especially homework XD

-You’ve printed all the existing piano sheets you could find to their songs…even though you cannot play half of them.

– You’re late to school almost every morning because you’re watching a video.

– You repeat every single song you love of theirs — *coughwithallmyheartcough*

– The time you spend on the computer is mostly for them/because of them

– Wake up at 4AM to catch the last hour of GDA.

– They’re sad, you’re sad. When they’re happy, you’re happy.

– Just a picture of them smiling can brighten up your day.

– You’ve had a bad day and they’re the only people that can cheer you up.

– You can’t last longer than 3 days without going on Soompi/watching their videos/listening to their songs etc

You know you’re obsessed with TVXQ when you think of something funny/hot/sexy/cute they did, and start grinning like mad. In fact, when something reminds you of them, you can’t help but chuckle and smile.


darn it almost all of it related to me…

AKTF, hope till the end
TVXQ figthing!

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