Malaysian magazine – epop features TVXQ

Posted: March 14, 2010 in In my head
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I feel like screaming right now!! seriously!
I’m now at my grannie’s house and my friend just SMS me that epop had TVXQ as their cover! oh yeah she also mention that KLIK had SuJu as their cover but i dont care less XP *get hit by ELF* just kidding ;P
I feel really unlucky being stuck at my grannie’s house right now (sorry grannie >.<)
I'm soo afraid that epop and KLIK gonna sold out! really afraid.. like what happen to YG ( i still felt the guilty for not having the TVXQ's freebies! darn it)

Please pray for me! hha i felt like forcing my friend to buy it for me..

for Malaysian Cassiopiea especially those who lives near gombak or in gombak area PLEASE dont rush to the nearest book store to buy epop before i do XD and for malaysian ELF get you KLIK copy before it sold out!


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