TVXQ,March and Me

Posted: March 9, 2010 in In my head
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I should be hitting the bookd right now.My march test starts tommorow! (=_=”) darn it..why does internet is so addicting??

March is going to be a busy(?) month! some of activities i’m going to do on march are;

-I heard that Changmin’s drama; paradise meadow is going to air on march (can’t wait! can’t wait!)
and Jaejoong new japanese drama is going to air on march

-For first term holiday which is next week (yaay!) i’m gonna go watch Alice in the wonderland (gaah can’t wait i feel so excited to watch this drama i dunno why ;p)

-I’m still waiting for the postman to send my TVXQ goodies! where is my goodies???? gosh the postman drive me crazy! hurry up please!! >.<

-Biggest loser asia final is tommorow(i hope that david gonna win! go Malaysia!!!!)

-House M.D new season premiere ; 18th march!

-Watch my God(?) save the king season 3 (i bough it last month but never had a chance to watch it)

-Lastly, i vow to buy Tohoshinki Best Selection 2010 Jacket C! (if i can't get jacket c maybe i will buy jacket A or B instead)

So for now this is my to-do list! hope i can finish G(?)SOK season 3 (32 episodes!!!!)


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