[Fanaccount] 3.8.10 I saw Yunho at Incheon Airport!

Posted: March 9, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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This is from a japanese fan blog who met Yunho at Incheon Airport

This is Green, who is soooooooooo excited!
When I arrived at Incheoun airport (T/N: on March 5), I looked around to find the flight to LA.
I found people who seemed to waiting, and was watching them from nearby.
Then, the camera crew came!
I thought ummm?? A car came, and there was Yunho!!
OMG~~~ I was really excited!
In my heart~~ I was shouting~~~”OHHHH, YUNHO IS HERE!!”
Yunho was very cool!! I can only remember that.

The fans started to run.
What?? They were trying to take photos from the front.
I realized the situation after a few moments.
I was discouraged by my lack in sharpness.
I followed them in haste, running.

There was a close contact camera with Yunho,
and seemed to be interviewing Yunho, walking at the airport.
Yunho was smiling and speaking.
I did not understand his words, but I was able to hear his real voice,
and my spirits were raised↑↑
I was able to see him from point-black,
I was screaming “kya~~gya~~” in my heart.
I was so excited that I could only remember that he was very cool and handsome.
I stood near the ropes beside the security gate since there was a vacant space.
The smiling Yunho came right in front of me, and I was watching with my mouth open.
Then, I was knocked out from the line.
Yunho disappeared from my eyesight, and I could not immediately understand what had happened to me.
Yunho went to the other side of the glass windows…
I could not see him anymore…
You could not see the inside on the eye line level.
I thought everything was finished..
Then, the girls around me started to crouch down.
What?? I crouched down, too, and there was Yunho waiting for his baggage to be checked!
You should copy others, lol.
Yunho seemed to be in high spirits there, too.

My moments with Yunho were finished.
I was so excited that I found out he was wearing sunglasses after seeing the photos.
Our memories are vague and not accurate..
The Cassies who always take the photos,
it is remarkable that they could take pictures in those situations, above all, very clear ones!
Thank you always!!
I was in wonders that I was at the spot at that special timing.
I was very happy that I came to Korea through Incheoun Airport. (T/N: the blog author is a Japanese girl, and she has visited Korea on that day)
Yunho, please do your best in LA!
I am looking forward to Yunho’s Michael!
Tomorrow I am going to watch Junsu’s musical.
Good night~

Source: In 東方神起 and eternity ~toko?wantebaku~
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
shared by:immatvxqstalker.wordpress.com

she’s lucky.. i “know” one fan that always said “i want to go to korea so i can meet TVXQ” but deep in the fan heart she’s know that it’s impossible.
That girl is lucky she’s just arrived in korea through Incheon Airport then she immediately saw yunho! how lucky is that?!

yes the fan that i “know” is me,
i hate japanese and i always dislike my parents for forcing me learning japanese during school holidays (do you know how hard japanese is??? =__=) but then i started to think that our TVXQ boys did learnt japanese and master the basic in one year(someone said it was just 3 month) ..1 year?? wow i’m impress japanese is REALLY hard!!!! after i realise that..somehow i feel like i will try my best in japanese too but still i hate japanese, oh yeah did i mention that i even didn’t master the basic (=_=”)

back to the topic, I’m jealous she’s so lucky! really lucky!

I miss TVXQ perform as 5, AKTF
I will wait for TVXQ!


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