DN-A(Dae Guk Nam Ah) = TVXQ Jr?

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Kpop stuff
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When i watched Music Bank last friday, i was stunned for a while when i saw DN-A. They really remind me of TVXQ! even they debut song; Admiring boy kinda sounded like TVXQ’s Hug(do they really need to debut with an acapella-dance song like TVXQ?).Thank god they’re not from SM ent. they’re from Openworld ent. Their image too remind me of TVXQ debut image plus their group name also have 4 character!…TT__TT maybe i’m just delusional because i miss TVXQ so much! . I miss TVXQ I miss TVXQ I miss TVXQ! i really miss them as 5!

sorry for being too emotional…back to the topic,,
after watching their debut stage i can’t help myself but to search more about Dae Guk Nam Ah.. but i heard they’re being dubbed as the 2nd Shinhwa but for me it’s like this H.O.T –> Shinwha –> TVXQ –> DN-A(maybe?) ignore me if you dont agree ;P i’m sorry for comparing them

my first impression of Dae Guk Nam Ah (DN-A..wait is it DN-A or is it D-NA? someone tell me) yes.. it was TVXQ jr…

Jay(the maknae) = kinda look like Onew(SHINee) but he’s remind me of junsu with his dance skill and cute-look and jay is born in 94! he’s one year older than me!

Karam = some people said he reminds them of jaejoong but for me he reminds me of changmin! with his blond straigh hair with a cute face. It’s really remind me of prince shim changmin hug days

Injoon = Yoochun for sure! with his rapping skill and pinchable cheek he’s really remind me of yoochun

Hyunmin = Jaejoong. he had this mysterious-cold-look like jaejoong used to have during his hug days

Mika = Yunho…IDK why but he really remind me of yunho..not because he’s the leader like yunho but he had this charisma that would make me wanted to look at him everytime i watch his live perf. just like yunho

Dae Guk Nam Ah – Admiring boy; Music Bank debut stage


the ending…it reminds me of hug ending too! i think i miss TVXQ too much


what do you think of Dae Guk Nam Ah? do they remind u of TVXQ or it’s just me ??


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