Jaebum issue; Q&A from 2PM fan meeting

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Kpop stuff
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for the 1st time i’m not gonna write about TVXQ but about 2PM
but 1st,sorry if i offence anyone
2nd,just scroll down and skip the article if u just want to read the Q&A from 2PM fan meeting
Jaebom will not return? news

“Yes. The worst has happened.

2PM’s leader Park Jaebeom has quit for good after it was announced on JYPE’s website on the evening of February 25th, shocking Hottests in Korea and the world.

JYP Entertainment expressed in an online letter,
“On December 22nd, 2009, Jaebeom had confessed to Jung Wook representative over the phone that he had done something very wrong during Again and Again promotions. And it was apparently something that was more serious than his MySpace controversy last summer.

The six other members were not notified then as they were busy with year-end activities. On January 3rd, 2010, everyone of us (along with the members) sat down for a discussion and later came to an agreement 3 days later that it was no longer possible for Park Jaebeom to continue activities along with 2PM.”

JYP stated that Jaebeom’s social impulses were a private matter and will not be revealed. They expressed that it was difficult to reveal the details of Park Jaebeom’s offenders who had intruded into his privacy and posted the comments. They also indicated that they had originally planned for Jaebeom to make a return in April.

We can only hope that the JYP conference planned for the 27th along with the 2PM fan communities will proceed smoothly. 100 Hottests have now gathered at the JYPE building in Seoul to protest at the point of writing.”

Credit ; Allkpop.com

I’m not a hottest (duh…) but still it’s sad to see a great leader left a great group,,, I’m usually a Jpop fan but i love again and again (but heartbreaker isnt really my type of song ;P)

and what hottest did after JYP made this statement??

Reports of fan retribution have already turned ugly, with stories of fans rushing the JYPE building and defacing it by throwing mayonnaise, ketchup, and eggs.
More reports had fans littering the building with ripped up pictures and CD’s of the 2PM members and putting bundles of chrysanthemum flowers at the entrance, which, not good as those flowers symbolize death in Korea.
Fans online had since bristled at the media portrayal of their vigil replying that they never threw any eggs though they did lay down chrysanthemums, and offered these pictures as evidence.

Some fans told journalists the signifiance of the chrysanthemums, that, “It means that without Jaebum, 2PM fans are dead.”
Even with that bit of news supposedly cleared, now fan anger is being directed at the six remaining members.
Because the other members of 2PM stated publicly on January 6th, the supposed ending of the contract, their difficulty working without Jaebum, fans are now seeing that as a sign that the members have turned their backs on former leader Jaebum.

JYPE has publicly revealed about the withdrawal reason, “Park Jaebum is leaving because of his personal mistake. Even though we can’t reveal what the mistake is, this issue is way worse than the problem that led to Jaebum leaving the team last September and way more serious.”
Many fans have since withdrawn from the official fan cafe of 2PM and have stated, “Should 2PM continue to promote themselves with 6 members, we will no longer be a 2PM fan. We will become Jaebum’s personal fans or 2PM anti fans.”
On the day of the actual conference, the 27th, the fans plan to leave more white chrysanthemums, and a private protest set for the 28th.
The general consensus is that the announcement was too sudden, and that fans have been yanked around by the company through the course of the controversy. And though there is nothing less I would like than to get in involved in any of this, maybe JYPE could have handled the announcement more delicately. However, regardless of whether they held a memorial for him, or shouted the decision from the rooftops, it would not change their or Jaebum’s decision”

so some hottest are going to stop become 2PM fans because of Jaebum?? come one…that’s not really fair..i know IF yunho going to leave TVXQ i would still support TVXQ and Yunho

and here is SOME Q&A from 2PM fan meeting..the answers are kinda suprising….

4. We would like an honest response as to why the members continued to speak of Jaebum’s name in broadcasts and their interviews even after the decision was apparently made on the 6th of January.

Members: Despite his withdrawal, he is still a good hyung to us. I don’t think it’s a problem to be honest in saying that we miss him. And from now on, if we miss him, we will say so. We don’t think it will be a problem.

10. On the official notification, you described the reason as ‘a severe personal mistake.’ Will you be taking responsibility for specifically using the words ’severe’ and ‘mistake?’

Jung Wook: I will reply with three reasons.
1. After this ‘mistake’ occurred, we didn’t want the remaining members to turn into betrayers. The 6 members are just as important as the one.
2. The notification was to all of Korea. We could not lie.
3. The 6 members are the victims and if we did not speak of the truth and reveal it as a severe mistake, people will get the wrong idea

13. Is there really no chance for Park Jaebum’s return? And if he returns through a different company, what is your opinion on the matter?

Jung Wook + Members: There is no possibility for him to return through 2PM.
Chansung: If Jaebum wishes to take responsbility for all of this and comes back as a celebrity, we will encourage him. However, I think a return through 2PM is out of the question

and Hottest please read this..

17. What do the members think of the boycott?

Junho: We didn’t care because we knew that Jaebum would return and knew that it would all be solved with his return. But honestly speaking, I would be lying if I said wasn’t hurt. If, after today, the boycott continues, then I will think of it as the fans hating us. We will show that we will be trying our best through our songs and performances.

so much boycotting 2PM for 2PM sakes..
22. Do you know the rumors circulating on the internet? Will you protect him?

Wooyoung: We are not throwing him away but protecting him. We knew that we would regret it if it was later revealed.
Chansung: Please don’t be skeptical of our friendship.
Junho: After finding out on January 3rd, I honestly hated Jaebum. We had always tried our best for his return. However, we believe that silence will protect him.
Taecyeon: I believe that rumors will always disappear after time

25. Park Jinyoung stated on Golden Fishery that Park Jaebum’s return will definitely be through 2PM. What is the company doing now to hold true to that statement?

Jung Wook: Up until December 22nd, when he called us, he was still a precious member with the chance of a return.

park Jin young is JYP

read all of it here

credit ; seoulbeats

maybe i’m not in a right position to comment about this…
but I know hottest think that 2PM always be a group of 7..but some hottest act like 2PM is Jaebum. no Jay no 2PM,, think about the other 6 please :)
that’s kinda sucks..because 2PM is a group not an individual.. I know for sure i wont boycott TVXQ if yunho FREELY doesnt want to be in TVXQ.. and i will support Yunho too


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