YunJae on FNS Song Festival Note

Posted: February 28, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Good news for YunJae fans! My friend show me an article about yunjae being spotted during FNS song festival,
I know because of the lawsuit’s hard for us cassies..but here is some good news for cassies esp YunJae fans!

[Fanaccount]YunJae on FNS Song Festival Note

– This is a fan account from a Bigeast (Official Japanese Fan club), who got special passes from her friends (staff) to watch and enter the FNS Song Festival (091202 – Kobe Memorial Hall). She did not write this story but she directly shared to my friend, who in turn shared to our group. (Sadly she wants to remain anon.) From what the Bigeast said, FNS Song Festival, we all know the boys are separated in two groups. So they can’t be seen normally talking in the Hall. When they were performing on stage, SME staff were closely watching them.

After the event when they left the Hall (outside), fans who were there including the Bigeast telling the story, went outside to see them off while the boys were waiting for their separate vans. It was quite crowded with staff, other fans and artists.

While they were waiting, Yunho went near Jaejoong and pulled his bag lightly. Jaejoong looked at him and they shared a smile!! but only for a brief moment ;__; then Yunho went in the HoMin van.

The Bigeast said they were quite a few who saw this. and she said, it seems they are quite content with this action.
credit to: uee jung + bigeast fan
shared by: th412

This shows that our TVXQ are still in good relationships with each other. ;)

credit to: uee jung + bigeast fan
shared by: th412

  1. lyrico jae says:

    it makes me happy..

  2. yjfan says:

    is it reallly real about yunjae

  3. samohty says:

    if you ask me about the incident on FNS sonf festival then yes i think it’s real since many bigeaster saw it, ;)


  4. SAkhan says:

    it makes my heart warm and my eyes filling up with tears…how can the world make a wall between love?

  5. abigail says:

    so sad that their love have to be break apart like this T____________T hikksss i hope yunjae get married soon

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