TVXQ Hug – Malay version by Malaysian Cassiopeia!

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Fandom is awesome
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Gosh i’m excited right now!!! it’s 12.30 PM right now but i’m still full of energy after i heard TVXQ Fan Boy from Malaysia singing Hug in Malay!

Da Prince

“we did join(gangstarz) but unfortunately we didnt make it on the 2nd audition in KL. but we still gonna continue to perform and sing DBSK’s song if we could. thx 4 the support ya =)”
~ AllenMax (member 0f Da Prince)

These guys are from Sabah and they tried to join Gangstarz (malaysian-indonesia-singapore group singing contest) but didn’t make it to the 2nd audition in KL =( (if i knew about this maybe i will sponsor them an airplane ticket to KL XP) and the lyric are made by themselve!

HUG – sang by Da Prince
Harum mewangi indah nan mekar dijiwa,
oh baby..
bagaikan pantai dan laut tak akan terpisah,
hanya kau dan aku..

t’lah lama ku tinggalkannya,
kini hanyalah kau dan aku,
biar kita membina istana cinta yang baru..
oh oh..


tika kau dimana,
jiwa ini sering bertanya,
apakah itu hanya dirimu,
yang akan s’lalu ku puja, ku puja..

*dance break

harum mewangi indah nan mekar dijiwa,
oh baby..
bagaikan awan langit biru takkan terpisah,
kita berdua..

t’lah lama ku tinggalkanya,
kini hanyalah kau dan aku,
biar kita bina istana cinta yang baru,
oh oh..



in my heart in my soul, i wanna hold u baby,
u dont know how much i love u, oh baby..
oh oh

nae ma umm mee hee rung goh yah,
jee kyuh bul su mahn ni sah doo,
noh bu kam sa hae na ee hem buk khea
nah jo gum bu jok hae doh..

dengarlah oh kekasihku,
hanya kau di dalam hatiku,
yang bertakhta selalu ku rindu,
usah kau ragu cinta ku padamu,
oh oh oh..

Malay lyric by Pyanz

here is another one! by the same group (Da Prince) but this time it’s only 2 member..(pyanz & max)
max = max changmin.. fandom much? *get hit by max* sorry! (=__=”)

credit ; sayang DBSK forum
shared by : immatvxqstalker

Malaysian Cassiopeia fighting!

  1. lyrico jae says:

    did the mp3 is available?

  2. samohty says:

    i’m sorry i dont think this is available in mp3

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