Clumsy jaejoong

Posted: February 27, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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I think almost every Cassiopeia and TVXQ fan know how clumsy jaejoong is….
but still i’m going to make a post all about how clumsy jaejoong is!

when i first “discover” TVXQ i’m changmin fan ONLY..i’m changmin-bias only…i dont care about other member, Blame it all on Balloon MV =_= deer-changmin was too cute in that MV, But “O” change it all.. nvm i’m not going to talk about how i became a complete TVXQ fan

here is some of my collection of jaejoong clumsyness

if you realize during seolreim CF jaejoong almost fall from the rooftop;



jaejoong really should be more careful,,

i found a video on youtube by LaetitiaDo

jaejoong-oppa.. why are you so clumsy??
changmin-oppa maybe you wanna fix jaejoong-oppa clumsy-ness
okay.. that’s not really what i’m thinking..but good job changmin-oppa maybe jaejoong-oppa will stop falling after this ;P

  1. lyrico jae says:

    the dorky, clumsy, funny yet sexy…

  2. sha tsyr says:

    haha…clumsy but good manners

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