MV for Tokiwo Tomete!

Posted: February 21, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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Yay! At last Tokiwo Tomete going to have a MV
For you guys that haven’t hear Tokiwo Tomete:
note;this isn’t the MV

Another awesome ballad song from TVXQ

back to the topic: Vivi magazine (april issue) repported that Tokiwo tomete is going to have an MV!

the filming was carried out in Planetarium in Japan (Otsuka Ai’s planetarium suddenly popped in my head ;P)

I was happy to hear about this! i mean with all the crazy rumors going out plus the lawsuit case thingy =.=
This is a good news! And this also show that our boys relationship are still strong (and not JaeChunSu vs HoMin),Jae’s hair is golden? well that’s new (i guess, he usually had a blond hair)

Credit: smiley /


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