18th february!

Posted: February 20, 2010 in In my head

It’s changmin-oppa birthday! as how did i celebrate it?? well here is what i do ^_^

1st i went to the Secret Recipe cafe to eat changmin-birthday-cake ;)

here is one-slice-cassiopeia-colour-cake i can only afford to buy one slice :((  i’m still a student what do you expect?? a whole cake would cost me RM 80, if i buy a whole cake i wouldn’t have enough money to buy Heading to the ground and TVXQ new album ;P

after 10 minutes (what? 10minutes..i actually ate that one-slice cake for 10 minutes?? well that one-slice cake is actually huge!  : plus it’s delicous i want to enjoy my moment with cake! hhe )

Next, i went to Video store but it’s close! i was frustrated! i went to the another vid store it’s close too! (I guess the owners still enjoy their CNY holiday) NVM i buy the Heading to the ground drama later,,

But then my heart was crush again! my parents doesn’t allowed me to buy the TVXQ’s new single; Break out.. :(( i’m only ask for their new single not their new album: Tohoshinki best selection 2010 ( this is when being 15 sucks)

At 7 PM (8 PM KST) the Trending #HBDtvxqchangmin @ changmin event started!

I was typing like there was no tommorow hha it was really really really really fun! My family look at me like i was a maniac hha i was typing non stop for 30 minutes! imagine that! it was an unforgetable moment.. i think this time i was more passionate than the #happybdayyoonho trending (wait did i just use the word passionate?nvm)

-oh yeah this event was organize by one tvxq team :)

Actually on Changmin’s B-day i’m actually goint to buy YG magazine and show it to you, why? cuz it had TVXQ as their cover and the magazine had TVXQ freebies! (TVXQ poker card!) but It had already sold out!!  i regret for not buying it earlier!

So i just gonna show you YG magazine the 1st week of january issue wich also had TVXQ as their cover for their 6th Anniversary! I just love YG magazine ;P  although i’m not chinese but who cares as long as it had TVXQ as their cover i’m gonna buy it and this occur to any other magazine

okay last one, let’s all drool over prince shim changmin!

*drool over my changmin’s body*  XD *get hit by cassies* my changmin?? i mean  OUR changmin ;P

That’s all for now ! bye!

Spread the red-ocean love :) AKTF


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