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To be honest i dont think i could keep up updating this blog. School is starting so back to my boarding school. oh well it’s not like anyone is following this blog right?

so yeah before i ultimately abandon this blog i’ll do a review on all TVXQ/JYJ album and HUG will be my last review and my last post in this blog ^____^

i may be back to this blog IF TVXQ is back as 5 again.


p/s: OH LOOKIE IT”S MY FIRST POST FOR 2012 ! *throws confetti to myself*

Click for the review. This is listed according to the date it being released.

Five In The Black
The Secret Code
The Beginning
In Heaven
Catch Me

as the songs for Their room and In heaven are just the same. i’ll give the link for the picture for their room insted of doing a review. well, their room isnt really an album..isnt it? click here


About this blog

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As you can see I’m a HUGE fan of TVXQ ;) I love them! I love them! I love them!
but this blog isn’t really about TVXQ only.

I’ll also do my best to provide info for Kpop/Jpop event in Malaysia
and there will be some stuff about me.

Do leave a commnet :)

Sorry for all the grammar/spelling mistake *bow*

Let’s spread the love of TVXQ! ;)

AKTF, Hope till the end
TVXQ fighting!

[Review] TVXQ – Catch Me Album

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Mine is the black one, wanted the red one though *sad me is sad*

This album cost me RM 80 plus tube for poster,which is pretty cheap compare to other dong bang album. KYHD cost me RM110 and they are in the same size, and KYHD album (mine is normal version) is made up of like card board material? and this one (catch me) is made up of some kind of fabric material. So yeah i’m satisfied.

the poster is SUPER MEGA GORGEOUS. it has this elegant feeling in it.

credit for picture is as tag. im too lazy to upload mine cuz it’s take a lot of work. *get bricked*

oh and i got CHANGMIN card. FOR THE FIRST FREAKING TIME. all these while i always got Yunnie’s card as shown in this post

So this album contains 11 songs

1. “Catch Me”
2. “인생은 빛났다 (Viva)”
3. “Destiny”
4. “비누처럼 (Like a Soap)”
5. “I Don’t Know (Korean ver.)”
6. “꿈 (Dream)”
7. “How Are You”
8. “Getaway”
9. “I Swear”
10. “Gorgeous”
11. “Good Night”

1. Catch me
To be honest, i’m not a fan of this song. but i dont hate it. it just i felt like they deserve a better song than this for their comeback. Song like “How Can I..” is nice. I dont get the whoile dutch feeling lol, i mean they are making a comeback in korea right? so why do they need to have a dutch feeling song as a comeback? it’s just my opinion. I’m their fan. *hides in cave* but then our boys always get the experiment kind of song *CoughOJungBanHap,TriAngle,MiroticMaximumcough* and still they ace it.

2.인생은 빛났다 (Viva)
Their voice is super sexaayyyy, the beat ,the feeling is just sexyyyy. Homin is coming in malaysia, I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see them dancing to this song. it just, this song scream sexaayyy especially changmin’s voice. oh god. earporn.

sexy isnt it?

This song reminds me of “Beautiful you” their japanese song in their 4th album “The secret code” and this song is good too. The cheesy-serenade kind of song, i bet this song sounds better in live too :3

4.비누처럼 (Like a Soap)
hmm…this is cute. the melody is cute. Happy vibe is written all over this’s just this song is the type of TVXQ during their early days.the chessy cute kind of song and they’re 25 and 26 now. not hating, i like this song. but not into it too much though

5. I Dont Know.
Korean version -..- Japanese FTW.

6.꿈 (Dream)
My reaction for this song was “OH GOD THIS IS SO JAPANESE ANIME OST KIND OF SONG” hahaha
You need to listen to this song and you know what i mean.

and i end up singing this words whenever i’m bore wihtout no reason

One like a fire, Two like i’m dreaming

catchy song is catchy.

7. How are you
ahhhh the classic TVXQ ballad kind of song. Relaxing. just lovely. homin voices blend so nice in this.

and yay now i know how to say how are you in korean *feeling proud*

jal jinaeni jal jinaeni

8. Getaway
first reaction :

it sound so rock-ish. so Tri-angle. hahaha. changmin voice is daebak especially during the high note part. HIS HIGH NOTE ALWAYS KILLs ME. CHANGMIN HIGH NOTE IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS SONG. OH BABY CHANGMIN I LOVE YOUUUU. but yunho’s nasal voice, isnt really made for this kind of song. sorry yunnie. I love you.

9.I Swear

OUR MAKNAE WROTE THIS SONG, IT REALLY SOUNDS LIKE HE’S IN LOVE.i rarely love korean slow ballad, but this song is an exception. Changmin’s voice in the chorus, really touches my heart and not to forget Yunho’s voice during the bridge. oh god i’m in love with this song. My baby changmin is following JaeChun footsteps of writing beautiful song. I just hope you wont get chunnie’s habit of putting random english word.

(Love U) eodumi dagawado(Love U) baby I Love U, Thank U(Thank U)
naega neol anajulge(Love U) baby I Love U, Thank U(Thank U)
eodumi dagawado(Love U) baby I Love U, Thank U(Thank U)
Baby, I swear Forever

Yes, I’m forever in love with Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Jung Yunho.

Autotune kind of song always piss me off. i love them, i love their voice. so when SM autotune their voice, i feel like punching someone in the face.

This song is the usual dance kind of song, it has this rain-with-some-superjunior-song kind of feeling in it. or is it just me? not really into this song. it’s just a okay kind of song

11.Good Night

I LOVE THIS SONG. their voice, the lyrics, the melody. ALL OF IT I LOVE IT.

it has those ot5 feeling that i crave for. if you’re not an ot5 fan. i’m sorry but i’m going to put some ot5 thing in this. to be honest i swear if this has ot5 voice it will be perfect. it need yoochun cheesy serenade voice at the end when yunho said good night. i love yunho but yoochun always wins when it comes to cheesy line, with junsu husky screaming dolphin voice. and some jaejoong’s voice blends with yunho during the second verse.

yes i’m an ot5 fan that still stuck in the past. it’s not illegal to dream.


This album is not bad, it’s not like their other Korean album that ALWAYS left me with a boring sad ballad. This album is a gem, no kidding. i love this one. This come from a person who loves japanese song more than korean. so yeah i guess that prove something. hahaha.

4.5 out of 5?


It’s been ages, AGESSSSS since i visited this blog so yeah to fulfilled my promise of doing review of all TXVQ’s album that i owned, therefore i’m writing again :) *yaay?* hahaha

Mine is CD+DVD and it was 2nd press, and yeah sucks to be malaysian, japanese album always burn my pocket with no mercy -..-

This one cost me for like RM 90 , mind you i’m still a lower form student at that time spending RM90 for an album is a big deal. for the sake of toho i’ll do anything

My version contain 13 songs

1. “Zion”
2. “Sky”
3. “Begin”
4. “Choosey Lover”
5. “Dead End”
6. “High time”
7. “Proud”
8. “Yakusoku” ((約束 lit. Promise?))
9. “Miss You”
10. ““O” -正・反・合”
11. “I’ll Be There”
12. “Step by Step”
13. “Hello Again”

Five in the black was their 2nd Japanese album after Heart, Mind and Soul. It was release in middle/early 2007.

well for 2007 kind of song this song is great but for 2013 this song is ……. *runaway from cassie* haha
this is the ordinary early Toho kind of song, catchy tune and catchy song. and that’s it.

If you havent heard Sky, and dont bother call yourself a die hard toho fan, lol just kidding. This song made toho more noticeable among Japanese. you may say this song is an icebreaker for toho and their japanese fan. This song was pretty big back then. Big for our toho that is

it started with yoochun’s engrish :3 and yunho’s nasal rap haha i love yunho’s rap who could hate it? if i didnt knew the lyric i would be thinking that yunho said something like

The Crusty grass and the coo coo face
I’ll bend thing as a gift to you

HAHAHAHA okay dont kill me,
This is one of Toho timeless song. It’s 2013 and i still listen to this song.*wink



It started with yoochun soothing voice blends with changmin’s, and then changmi’s and junsu and then BAM! the chorus by jaejoong

“Every day and night~~~ with youuuuuu”

Lovely, just lovely . Timeless just Timeless.

Choosey lover

changmin was illegal to sang this song during 2007. fullstop. hahaha watch the MV you’ll end up jawdropping of how cute they are tryin to look all cool, and serenade those girls in a club. changmin you aint 18 in 2007.

anyway, this song is one of those nostalgic Toho song that will make you smile everytime you heard it.

Dead End
Changin voice in this. Daebak.

Not much i could say about this song. it’s not a really Wow kind of song and it’s not a meehh too

High time
*dances* I love this song ~(*_*)~

It made me wanaa dances especiallt the chorus. this song had this relaxing kinda feeling. idk but one thing i’m sure i love the beat, i love this songgggg


Brb, hashtag crying,

*wipe tears*

Proud is a song they dedicated it to their fans, because well they’re proud of us. That image of junsu crying while singing this is still stuck in my mind. oh god i think i’m gonna cry again.

Yakusuko in english means promise fyi

Lovely ballad, and Yunho’s and yoochun’s harmonization work GREAT in this song. This calm ballad, will made you smile for no reason. it’s just that lovely. my favourite part of course the chorus sung by jae :3

On sunny days or rainy days
I’ll stay by your side and protect you
the two of us will get through it
yakusoku~~ (i promise)


Miss you

i dont…,,, *hides*

it sounds too korean for a japanese song. lol does that even make sense? maybe it’s just me

O 正・反・合 , O Sei.Han.Go

for some reason i love the japanese version more. In japanese idk it sounds more soft. hahaha

I’ll be there

I’m not crazy about this song, but this song isnt that bad. it’s just it doesnt have that “wow” factor. then again i’m not a ballad person. i guess that’s why i rarely fall in love with their korean album *get bricked*

step by step

Cute song. period. another Toho nostalgic song.
I keep finding myself smiling like an idiot everytime i listen to this song.

now here’s a cute video.

Hello Again

Hello Again is one of those song that sounds really awesome in Live.

just if everyone undestand japanese, this will be kinda like those song i would sing during graduation, the lyric are just beautiful :3

in a nutshell the whole album is just, cute. lol it’s their 2nd album and it’s in 2007 what did you expect. i dont hate the songs in this album, but this album doesnt have those Priceless feeling. just it have those nostalgic, toho early days feeling :3 cassie will understand my feeling. i think. hahaha

i gave this 3.5/5 *runaway*

[Review] JYJ – The….

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Firstly let me laugh. the tittle the.. XD am i the only one find the tittle funny? it’s cute..and funny haha okay. okay i’m gonna stop.

So The.. is kinda like jyj debut album.

this album consist of 4 songs.

1. いつだって君に (itsu datee kimi ni)
first impression ; 5 freaking minutes of the same thing. when i first hear this song i was like “ooohh nice melody” but then i was kinda lost and all i can hear is

Kimi dake ni aitakatta yo
Itsudatte aitakatta yo
Ima mo dakishimete iru yo kimi no subete wo
Hohoemi wo yurushite yo tada bokura no tame ni
Kitto kono saki ni mada hikari wa sasu kara

but this song is nice :D

2. Get Ready
This song is so tohoshinki during T. the mood the melody. this song is just nice and relaxing.

3. Long Way
i hate catchy ballad. it’ll stuck in my head for months and i cant stop singing to this song. everytime i’m bore i’ll find myself singing

I promise not to forget,
always i believe in myself
Tada aruiteiku maeni
Arukuyo maeni
Arukuyo maeni

and if my mom ask me to reach something i’ll end up saying “long way long way~~~” XD a good way to troll people *nod nod*

4. W
first, Let me cry.

okay. the melody is great. the just…

okay let me cry again.

keep in mind that i love you


this is how great w is. enuff said


now let me cry again.

At first when i hear that JYJ gonna release an english song i was like

but then………it left me speechless..

why? let’s move one and you know why

So the beginning consist of 8 songs;

2.Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / M. Yusef
4.Be My Girl
4.Be My Girl
6.I Love You_Feat. Flowsik
7.I Can Soar
8.Be The One

2.Ayyy Girl.

i.hate.kanye’s rap. but credit to him for making me giggle everytime i hear the “whats your friend’s attitude, why she so damn rude? huh” XDDD

i dont really like this song at first but when i saw they singing ayy girl live during the showcase just then i realise how sexaayyy they are.

3. Empty


but then WHERE’S JAEJOONG IN THIS SONG? his solo part for this song is only “girl because your heartrt is empty” yes just six words.

but i love yoochun’s voice. his english pronounciation is daebak. i can understand him 100%. his english is sexaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

4.Be My Girl
“dont wanna hurt nobody, this is a song for you” :3 notice how yoochun always get the cheesy line? haha. his voice is meant for the cheesy-ness XD
I like be my girl. at least i can understand their english in this song.

5.Still In Love
i dont knoww…maybe it’s just me…i try to like this song..but i cant. the lyric are good. the melody..maybe this song isnt really my jam soryy jaejoong *bow*

6.I Love You
yes i love you too yoochun but this song annoy me. repetitive i love you for like 41243123 times. sint cool. isnt cool. and do they even need to open this song with a girls voice saying ‘hey this isnt wor out” aasdfgghhgsvgre i love yoochun. i really do but i dont love this song.

7.I Can Soar.
Junsu is a great songwriter. enough said. LISTEN TO THIS SONNNGGGGG NOWW

8.Be the one.
this song isnt really a WOW. it just a so-so. and i can understand this song lol *get brick*

so far. i feel like this album is rush-ly made.they just put this and that plus this oh and this too and then TADAAAAA we got “The Beginning”. to be honest the only song that i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love is empty.

*runaway before cassie kill me*

[Review] JYJ – In Heaven

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I wanna give JYJ a big hug. In Heaven is great. Our boys grow up so fast arent they T____T

JYJ - In Heaven Blue Pictures, Images and Photos

I love In heaven from the song to the album packaging itself.
the price is reasonable and quite cheap. i bought it for RM 74 but bear in mind it came with a poster and photobook. the photobook may not be as big as TVXQ why(keep your head down) photobook. but still i’m satisfied. ya know the feeling of worth buying. yes that kind of sastifaction.

This album contain 10 songs

1.Get out
2.In Heaven
3.Fallen leaves
4.The Boy’s letter
10.A song wihtout a name

Although HALF of the song is the same song in JYJ ; Their room and i bought that one too but still i’m sastified with it

1.Get out

Just if..just if they werent cockblock. this song will be a hit. A HIT. with their seriuosly addictive dance.To me all their dance steps from empty till now are just so addicting.
on ayy girl we have that
sexy window-dance,

0:35 sexy rolling down window dance XD

for empty the octopus hand kind of dance

0:54 ; octopus/jelly hand dance XD

and we had the get out dance. jyj. i love you guys.

but still what bothers me is yoochun line
“tonight i dont need a damn explain” just so engrish/chunglish. i know i’m no good in grammar either.

is it just me who seems to think the beggining of this song doesnt really blend with the chorus? okay maybe it just me,

2.In Heaven
who loves this song hands down!
I love fast ballad :D and this song is addicting. whenever i’m bore i found myself singing “gajima do gajima” “gojitmal do gojitmal” XD

and is it only me who wanted and ot5 version of this. it needs changmin voice blend with yoochun for the beginning part. after that some changmin with junsu. and the second part yunho and yoochun damn.epicness. okay maybe it just me again.

anyway. this song is great. Good job Jaejoong!

3.Fallen leaves
This is a beautiful song. with a beautiful words. enough said.

4.The Boy’s letter
JYJ has this habit of making a ballad song too long. bad and if the song is long and just not my jam. althought the song is beautiful and all. it’s not the songs just me


“Mission make it mission make let’s go mission make it go~~”

oh you miss chunglish? listen to this song. it got a lot of chunglish in it.

So, probably your money is unpublic
Try to save my life like a puppy and cream
Another hot movie character bumble bee
Treat me like a slave and I pray is it halloween
Trick or treats oh please don’t even try
To pull my head down your way
Brand new person. A man?
So fuck off no more talk made me speechless. “treat me like a slave and i pray is it halloween” o.o

Try to save my life like a puppy and cream

this is worst than my love is bigger that gingerbread man vitality. or maybe he just love puppy and cream. who knows right? YOOCHUN you better give me some explanation for this lyrics seriuosly no matter how hard i try i just cant understand the lyrics.

hmmmm…. this song is so so and i dont dig auto tune. before the official lyrics were out..i and so do other cassie..were like O____o on junsu’s line.

I want you in my pants, i want you in my pants

XDDD seriuosly it doesnt sound any like i want you in my plans, it sounds like pants not plans.

Pierrot is a puppet jsyk. so this song talk about how they dont like to be a puppet for someone. wanted to be free… sounds familiar? enough said. let’s move one

this song is so typical korean ost like :P in a good way of course. and this songs. remind me of TVXQ during their early days. and is it just my ears or i think i hear ot5 in the chorus. damn what wrong with me? why do i keep hearing ot5

9. Nine
Another heartbreaking song. I dont wanna write a review for this. i dont want toooooo

10.A song wihtout a name
well if i dont know what’s the lyric about at the first place, i would think this song is weird. yoochun rap + the chorus. doesnt blend well. it’s like you mixing chocolate and chillies. soft and sweet melody chorus mix with fierce rap = weird.

if you look at it the song that they wrote for the their full with..oh you stuff.

But overall This album is AMAZING. now tell me another kpop idol that could write song as amazing as they are…..well minus GD.

All i can say is their japanese album never fail to impress me ;) no it’s not because i’m dedicated all my heart and soul to them but really their japanese album never fail to impress me. You will love ALL of the songs in their japanese but that will not happen in their korean album. i can understand why toho is so popular *nod nod* from Heart,Mind and Soul to Tone. it will never let me down. it’s kinda different with their korean album..which always left me with boring ballad but of course their voice is jjang. so it’s not their fault. it’s the songs fault.

A great Album come with A great price, well at least for fellow Malaysian. this album cost me for like RM 100+ yeah…my pocket is burniiinnnnnng and EVEN this one isnt the first press.

enough about the price

Tohoshinki - Tone blue Pictures, Images and Photos

Mine is Tone ver. B the blue one

they are looking fabulous ;D

This album 14 songs in it

1.Introduction ~Magenta~
2.B.U.T (Beauty)
3.I Think U Know
5.Thank You My Girl
7.Back To Tommorow
8.WHY?(Keep Your Head Down)
10.I Dont Know
12.シアワセ色の花 (romanji : Shiawase Iro no Hana/ flowers the colour of happiness)
13.Easy Mind

when you look at the track list one thing you notice the lack of japanese word as their tittle XD it seems like a trend for japanese to use english word as their tittle nowadays -..-

1.Introduction ~Magenta~
This song is sung entirely by Changmin and This.Song.Is.My.Lullaby XDD
well… i’m not complaining. At least i have my bias singing lullaby everynight.

2. B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
well…hmmmm.. i love the doong doong doong doong doong part. okay okay i have to be honest here. when this song come out..i dont…really likee…it *runaway before cassiopeia+bigeast kill me* this song is so not tohoshinki-like.
but then..when you give this song a chance and replay replay replay..this song grows on me. it became better better and better. and i still love the doong doong doong part ;P

3. I Think U Know
same as B.U.T. this is song is not really my jam. but it’s okayyy if you want a song for you to dance to. this song is that kind of song.

4. Duet


Shinjiroh Inoue song. He wrote all my all time favourite ballad ; Bolero. and my favourite karoeke song by tohoshinki ; doushite kimi suki .
And now duet. I LOVE THIS SONG. this song is my personal favourite in this album. it has the soft R&B-Ballad feel. the song started with the soft heartwarming kinda feel with changmin’s soothing voice :3 and then it became faster with “wasurenaide wasurenaide” . this song is so simple but so addicting and soo good XD
This is what i want. this song is just soo tohoshinki like! :D

5. Thank you my girl
whenever i heard this song. i will feel like i’m listening to their first korean album ; Tri-Angle. ya know the cheesy cute pop song. but our tall brothers voices somehow blends well with this song. i guess cheesy cute pop song is their style XP not their best song but not their worst song either.

6. Telephone
Okay i’m gonna go into sad ot5 mode. everytime. EVERYTIME. i hear this song i have a really STRONG feeling this song NEED jyj voices in it. this seems lack of jyj. T_____T it need Changmin to harmonize with jaejoong . it need yoochun harmonize with yunho voice it need ot5 harmonization for the chorus. this song screams for Toho5hinki. idk why. am i the only one who feel like that?

7. Back To Tomorrow
I love this song :3 this the strong ballad that i’m waiting for! this song is the TAXI (from their 4th japanese album) kind of song. soft-strong ballad :D

8. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
I LOVE KOREAN VERSION MORE. what’s funny is they still saying Wae, but the claim that they say why. ya know the pronounciation for Wae and Why is different DIFFERENT.

9. Maximum
Again. korean song shouldnt have a japanese ver.

10. I Don’t Know
The only fast tracking song that i love from the start XD

11. Superstar
ASDFGHJKL MY HOMIN DOESNT NEED AUTOTUNE. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! >.< whenever i hear this song i feel like punching someone form avex or sm. this song sound so kpop-debut song. you know the kind of song rookie use to debut. *head desk* what have you done to my homin T__T *grab tissues*

12.Shiawase Iro no Hana
I love soft ballad. but… this song is just too long.i mean 6 freaking minutes *runaway* dont kill me.
to be honest i'm not into ballad that too long. Even JYJ 'W" bore me. W is a nice touchy song but it's too long. so it's not the songs fault. it just me.

13.Easy Mind
This song is so jpop like in a good way. this song is catchy, addicting and relaxing. every time i hear thing song my body feel like dancing. this song will be great if they do a korean version and release it. plus with a cute-happy kinda choreography. BAM! it will be a hit. trust me.
This song is my 2nd favourite ;D

*happy dance* i love this song~~~~ it has those kinda happy feeling. When i first hear it i was like "oh so arashi" hahaha. the happy cute song thing is just so arashi like XD just imagine they sing this song with arashi, oh it would be epic :D

So far Tone isnt TOHO best album. My personal favourite will always be their 4th album ; The secret code. This album is somehow..idk lack of something and too much autotune (let me kill someone right now) Homin voice arent that bad they are the members of TOHOSHINKI for god sake. they can sing. especially changmin.why need the auto tune -..-

but then this album is not so bad. just two-three song that i dont really like. but this album is okay.